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Granny killer pervert to be charged with sexual assault

Absent dog father, nipple piercing fan and Former Governor, Andrew Cuomo is to be charged over groping a former aide according to a source speaking to the New York Post.

The Post reports that, the Emmy Award winner who was celebrated by the media as a true hero of Covid for his selfless shoving of infected patients in to elderly care homes resulting in the deaths of thousands, is to be arrested next week for a misdemeanor related to his groping of an aide.

An investigation by Albany County District Attorney David Soares has lead to the charge being filed in Albany City Court.

But it wouldn’t be New York politics without someone trying to get something out of a situation for themselves.

The New York Post goes on to report that “Cuomo’s looming arrest is believed to be the reason that Attorney General Letitia James decided to tell a key union leader on Wednesday that she’ll launch a campaign for governor “shortly,” the source briefed on the matter said.”

Quite why James would want to be Governor is bewildering to the author, given that 3 of the last 4 occupants of that role have ended in scandal. Eliot Spitzer got busted over prostitution at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. James Paterson was fined for lying under oath related to allegations of soliciting improper gifts, witness tampering, and lying under oath and Cuomo groped a whole load of people and then claimed it was just him being Italian.

By comparison all Michael Bloomberg ever did was run for President and lose to Joe Biden which is it’s own badge of shame.

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