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‘Journalist’ shilling for Terry McAuliffe gets well deserved smack-down

In a post that could be removed from Twitter any moment due to stupidity and embarrassment, Elizabeth Holmes, a reporter for NBC29, was caught shilling for the McAuliffe campaign.

At a campaign stop in Charlottesville, VA, four unknown individuals dressed in white shirts, khakis, and sunglasses were seen holding tiki torches while standing in front of Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus. It was a sad attempt to tie Youngkin to the Unite The Right Rally that occurred in Charlottesville in 2017.

Without verifying their identity, motive, or the organization that sent them to the event, Holmes tweeted the following:

What a disgrace to journalistic ethics! Holmes is currently receiving a well-deserved beating on Twitter.

While Glenn Youngkin has ZERO ties to white supremacy, let’s not forget, it’s a DEMOCRAT who was exposed for dressing up as either in black face or a KKK member. (Ralph Northam just couldn’t remember which racist character he portrayed.)

The left will stop at nothing to keep Glenn Youngkin from being the next governor of Virginia. Holmes’ actions are heinous and dishonest. But what else do you expect from someone who lists her pronouns in her Twitter bio?

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