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Baby born with a tail… I swear this is real and I can’t stop staring at the pics

What. The. Actual. F**k.

The pictures are disturbing.

This kid had a straight up tail that looks like it came from the Spirit Halloween store.

A Brazilian baby was born with a tail. Photos of the human tail were published in a journal article. You can see some of the photos in this article, but be aware that some might find them disturbing.

The report came from a journal article in Science Direct, which published photos of the baby’s tail. The headline in the March, 2021, article read, “A true human tail in neonate.” The article was first published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports.

The article explains, “Human tails are rare congenital anomalies and describe protrusions located around the midline of the lumbosacral region covered by skin, representing an embryonic trace. These lumbosacral skin appendages are often associated with hidden spinal dysraphism and other malformations such as lipoma and anchored cord syndrome.”

Be forewarned that the tail photos are graphics and may disturb some.

READ it here.

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