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Jeanine Pirro gets extra HOT over Dem co-host’s take on Trump raid

Judge Jeanine Pirro wasn’t having it when a co-host on “The Five” in a roundabout way seemed to provide a degree of legitimacy for the extraordinary FBI raid at former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence on Monday that reeks of a political vendetta at the highest levels of government.

(Video: Fox News)

Democrat Harold Ford, Jr., a Tennessee congressman before becoming a banker in New York City, and who plays a moderate on TV, concluded his long-winded and somewhat contradictory comments on Tuesday’s episode by underscoring that the search warrant was court approved and adding that “We should wait for the facts to come out here.”

In the Fox News video clip embedded above, Ford also politely accused Pirro of relying too much on speculation.

Fierce Trump defender Pirro responded: “I don’t think it speculation at all. You do not break into a house of a guy that you’ve been working with for nine months, that you have to admit has been cooperating with you for presidential records? No.”

The no-nonsense judge then rebuffed Ford’s attempt to ask her a question. “No. I’m going to answer your question.”

Pirro continued: “And you do not do that and have guys with AR-15 – and women I might add – at the front of Mar-a-Lago. In a situation like this, where the man is about to announce for president — if he’s going to run for president. But if I were the lawyer, the first thing I’d say is as a citizen of the United States, I want to know from the Department of Justice why you’re doing this. I want to know from the FBI whether or not this is legitimate because everything that you’ve done regarding Donald Trump has been illegal, illegitimate, and immoral and the country knows it. And you have destroyed our faith in the justice system. And it’s not Donald Trump’s fault, it’s their fault.”

The duo also sparred over who has the responsibility to release the search warrant.

Earlier in the segment, Pirro contended that the Trump team was fully cooperative with the National Archives, if any shortfall in terms of records was actually the reason for law enforcement to storm Trump’s home in a way that many say is reminiscent of political persecution in a banana republic or in East Germany during the Cold War.

A “sympathetic” Ford acknowledged that Trump, and anyone else, “is innocent until proven otherwise,” and admitted that if the “unprecedented, historic’ incident was “bungled” by the Justice Department, “this will be a colossal, catastrophic — I’m 52 years old — it will be hard to reclaim credibility in my adult life.”

He also insisted that the other panelists were articulating a political strategy rather than a legal strategy for President Trump. In addition, Ford said he had “no clue” whether search was prompted by New York or Georgia investigations, the January 6 probe, or actually about classified documents.

“That was a great A-block,” co-host Greg Gutfeld quipped as the heated, opening segment on “The Five” ended.

As a footnote,, this raid occurred only a few days after constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz described U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who Obama wanted to put on the Supreme Court, as a moderate.

In the meantime, reports have emerged about the background of the magistrate judge who signed off on the warrant. He allegedly harbored anti-Trump sentiments, was an Obama donor, and as a lawyer represented some of Jeffrey Epstein’s employees.

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This post was originally published on Biz Pac Review.

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