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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene files articles of impeachment against Merrick Garland

In the first shot of what could be a coming Republican congressional battle with Attorney General Merrick Garland if the party retakes the House in November, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has filed the first articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden’s top legal hatchet man.

Many GOP lawmakers have expressed criticism directed at the head of the Justice Department since the unprecedented storming of the Mar-a-Lago home of former President Donald J. Trump, a raid authorized by Garland as a potential pretense for an upcoming indictment along with a show trial in a Washington, D.C. court, but Rep. Greene is the first to take action against the stunning abuse of power to target a political enemy.

The Georgia Republican, who is a loyal ally of Trump’s, announced her effort to hold Garland accountable on Friday, writing that his “personal approval to seek a search warrant for the raid on the home of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, constitutes a blatant attempt to persecute a political opponent.”


In the resolution, which has been co-sponsored by fellow Republicans Rep. Clay Higgins of Louisiana, Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland, and Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois, Greene seeks to impeach Garland on two articles.

“Attorney General Garland has failed to uphold his oath and has instead overseen a denigration of the principles of our democratic republic by politicizing the Department of Justice, and utilizing the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Federal police force to punish or intimidate anyone who questions or opposes the current regime,” she states in the first article.

The second article accuses Garland of failing to uphold his oath of office.

“Attorney General garland in persecuting former President Donald J. Trump over documents he legally de-classified has engaged in a pattern of conduct that is incompatible with his duties as a civil officer of the United States,” the document reads. “Attorney General Garland, in his failure to uphold the oath he took, has, by his actions, lost the trust of citizens of the United States to faithfully execute the laws of the United States without partisan bias.”

On Friday, Greene spoke to reporters before she filed her articles of impeachment against the attorney general.

“What they’ve been going to President Trump is political persecution,” she said. “Merrick Garland has abused his position of power as attorney general to politically persecute Joe Biden’s enemies, and the whole purpose of this is to prevent President Trump from ever being able to hold office…”


On Thursday, Garland confessed that he “personally approved” the storming of Trump’s South Florida home,

“Upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly, without fear or favor. Under my watch, that is precisely what the Justice Department is doing. All Americans are entitled to the evenhanded application of the law, to due process of the law, and to the presumption of innocence,” he said, suggesting that there has been equal justice under his tenure despite his targeting of Trump and his supporters as well as concerned parents who have been equated with domestic extremists.

Green’s articles have zero chance of going anywhere in the Democrat-controlled House but things may be much different if Republicans are able to regain control of Congress in the most important midterm elections in the nation’s history.

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This post was originally published on Biz Pac Review.

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