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Megyn Kelly says GOP insider told her Trump isn’t running, revealed the reason why he won’t say, yet

Megyn Kelly dished details on what would be a major scoop if true, that an anonymous top Republican insider told her that former President Donald J. Trump isn’t going to run in 2024 and that he is delaying the announcement of his decision.

(Video: Grabien)

The former Fox News anchor dropped her bombshell on Wednesday’s edition of “The Megyn Kelly Show” on SiriusXM where she was joined by the crew from the “Ruthless” podcast to break down the current state of politics and the topic of a long rumored third Trump White House run, something that the ex-POTUS himself has continued to tease.

During her chat with commentators John Ashbrook, Comfortably Smug, Michael Duncan and Josh Holmes of “Ruthless,” Kelly made news when she dished the juicy details on what she was told by the unnamed insider.

“Now, let me run this by you. Talked to a guy, used to be high up in the RNC, right?” Kelly revealed. “And he said, Trump’s not gonna run again. Trump just can’t say that he’s not gonna run again.”

“He said he would never declare anyway, because as soon as he declares, like right? If he were to declare tomorrow, on the chance that he is gonna run again the RNC could no longer pay his legal bills,” she said.

“They couldn’t support him with his legal bills because the RNC has to stay neutral. So they can’t be funding one guy’s legal bills,” she said. “So that — that I thought that was kind of interesting that like, Trump will have to delay if he’s going to announce that he’s running as long as humanly possible, cause he’s got a lot of legal bills, but it was this guy’s strong belief that he will not run again, that he’s too worried about losing.”

Her remarks generated a round of speculation from the “Ruthless” crew on who would be the potential GOP nominee if Trump declines to throw his hat into the ring.

“You gotta get, you gotta get a scenario where Trump, if the Republicans wanna win with somebody other than Trump, where Trump endorses the guy, cause that core MAGA group, I don’t think they go with anybody other than Trump, without the famous thumbs up from their leader,” Kelly added, noting that whoever emerges from the pack would need Trump’s endorsement to get his supporters onboard.

Trump is beset by mounting legal troubles with the Biden Justice Department moving in for the kill after an appeals court overruled a federal judge’s block on the feds from using documents that were confiscated during the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago in their investigation against the former president, one that will almost certainly bring an indictment resulting in Trump being dragged in front of a hostile jury in a D.C. courtroom where the deck will be stacked against him.

At the same time, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is emerging as a formidable opponent against Joe Biden – or whoever he’s swapped out with – and is enjoying an elevated national profile from the hysterical media reaction to his transporting of 50 illegal immigrants to the liberal elite’s very special island, Martha’s Vineyard, a move that was taken deeply personal by the bigoted rich white snobs who fill the coffers of the Democratic party.

Whether there is any validity to Kelly’s revelation remains to be seen.

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This post was originally published on Biz Pac Review.

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