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Megyn Kelly takes another bite out of Kim Kardashian’s a** after she gets booed at NFL game

Megyn Kelly is hardly letting up on her criticism of Kim Kardashian even though she admitted she doubts that the reality TV star “is at heart a bad person.”

During a discussion on her podcast with pundit Andrew Sullivan, Kelly went on to claim, however, that “I hate what she’s come to stand for, what she represents, what kind of an influence she has over our society, and in particular, our little girls, of which I have one. And I’ve had it with her narcissism and her endless vanity.”

She continued: “I’ve pointed this out before. Last week, it also came out that she’s a ‘rules don’t apply to me’ kind of person because she got pursued for unpaid taxes. Like so many of these rich people, she decided that rules would not apply to her…and she was forced by the feds to pay over seven figures to make the bill correct. The rest of us don’t get away with that, right? Neither should she.”

The ex-Fox News journalist, who has found success as a right-leaning podcaster and SiriusXM host after a failed stint at NBC News, was apparently referring to the $1.26 million fine that famous-for-being-famous Kardashian, 41, agreed to pay the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over a cryptocurrency promotion.

Kelly, who has made it evident that she is not a fan of Prince Harry’s bride either, then pivoted to the less-than-warm welcome that Kardashian received from the fans at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles during the Dallas Cowboys-Los Angeles Rams game on Sunday.

“So [Kardashian] decides to go, all decked out as she always does, to an NFL football game…and the giant jumbo cam found her — what a shock — and they booed her…so I believe the reason they booed Kim Kardashian is because the country is getting sick of narcissistic, vain, self-promotional ‘rules do not apply to me,’ type of people like her, like Meghan Markle.

“And I do think one of the reasons it’s in the ether is because the death of the Queen and the reminder of what used to be, what once was, what we used to once revere versus this false god of money, and materialism, and selfie culture, and weird decisions on extreme plastic surgery that one refuses to acknowledge infecting it into the bloodstream of our little ones and so on,” Kelly added.


Kelly, 51, who reportedly left NBC with a $69 million payday, may have been reading a bit too much in the booing, since sports fans often can get feisty for whatever reason or reasons, especially after ingesting a beer or two.

The larger societal point that Kelly is addressing likely has resonance with her audience, however.

Parenthetically, almost everyone with a high-profile position in the media relies on, to some degree, makeup and hair stylists, and wardrobe consultants, often along with other enhancements.

In a recent prior podcast in which she also slammed J.Lo and Shakira for what she considered a vulgar performance at Super Bowl LIV, Kelly recalled an interview that she conducted with the Kardashian clan on the NBC Today Show.

She noted that she asked them “are you a force for good or are you a force for evil? And they gave me their answer. But the more I watched them over the years, the more I think, net net, it’s evil. I don’t think this is healthy…their disgusting vanity, which has spread like wildfire in our society. The selfie culture is abhorrent to me. I think that’s what I’m responding to as opposed to some titillation from a beautiful woman here and there.”

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This post was originally published on Biz Pac Review.

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