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Geraldo quick to take Watters $1K bet that GOP takes House AND Senate in Nov

Geraldo Rivera is so confident that the Democratic Party is going to hold the Senate in the midterm elections taking place in less than two weeks that he was willing to put $1,000 dollars on it.

On Thursday, during a segment on Fox News’s “The Five,” Rivera jumped at a bet proposed by fellow co-host Jesse Watters that Republicans will take BOTH the House and Senate on Nov. 8.

(Video: Fox News)

“In what universe did the Democrats think that they had a shot in this election? Well, I’ll tell you, the Twitter-verse,” Watters said. “Because you go on the Twitter-verse and being a Democrat, you go on Twitter, it’s like talking to your mom. She shows you unconditional love. No matter what you do or say, Twitter is always going to love you but that’s not what the American public feels. It’s a performance issue — they’ll kick your ass out of there if you don’t perform.

“I understand the anxiety for Democrats,” he continued. “The wave they’re talking about and the wave they’re scared is so big that they might not get the House and the Senate back for several cycles — and that means no legislative wins, that means no Supreme Court justice confirmations. They’re looking at a few dark years.”

Turning to Rivera, Watters referenced President Joe Biden agreeing to be interviewed by an over-the-top transgender TikTok influencer who many believe is intentionally mocking women, before noting that he followed up on that by going on Jay Leno’s show and trying to appeal to Republicans.

“Does that make any sense to you?” Watters asked.

“Transgenderism is a loser. Climate change is a loser, ’67 Corvettes are a winner,” Rivera replied, adding, “If the generic ballot has the GOP at 45.6% and the Democrats at 40%, that’s a toss-up.”

“That’s not the right generic ballot,” Watters interjected, before putting his money where his mouth is. “It’s going to be a wave election and you’ll lose the Senate. I bet you $1,000 right now. Both chambers.”

“Both chambers?” River said. “You got it!”

Co-host Jeanine Pirro chimed in to make it official, “A meeting of the minds. There’s now a contract between the two of them. Let the best man win.”

This post was originally published on American Wire News.

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