Barron Trump Age ‘Error’ Leads To Shocking Family Attacks…

Hunter Biden can use his famous father’s name and influence to score millions of dollars from foreign countries and blow much of that money on hookers and coke without the left so much as batting an eye, but Donald Trump’s children are held to a whole different standard.

The simple act of getting a sibling’s age wrong prompts social media users to engage in attacks to delegitimize the Trump family, as seen when Eric Trump said his younger brother Baron was 15 — he is 17 years old.

“Can you imagine if I was doing shady deals and I was sending money to Barron’s bank account? Barron would be in jail at 15 years old, my father would be in jail. Frankly, we wouldn’t even have a trial. The trial would be over before it started,” Eric Trump said while delivering remarks at an event.

Eric Trump would also tout his father’s leadership skills at the event, noting that the former president’s personality kept America “out of wars,” according to OK Magazine.

“My father’s personality kept us out of wars. All these world leaders — what’s amazing is all the tough guys were the guys who respected him. Kim Jong-un, he respected my father. Putin respected my father. The tough guys respected my father,” he said.

Turns out, there’s a simple explanation for him stating that his brother was 15, as noted online — Eric was talking about when his father was president in 2020:

But the seeming gaffe over Barron’s age was unforgivable to the Trump-haters online who engage with unhinged commentary and attacks over the slightest offense.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

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