Biden PAROLE Revelation – They Did It Quietly…

Biden officials have been accused of quietly abusing their parole authority for illegal immigrants using DHS’ CBP One immigration app which is allegedly circumventing enforcing the law of the land.

The House Committee on Homeland Security is accusing the Biden administration of handing out blanket approvals to illegal immigrants by using the Department of Homeland Security’s app.

“Documents obtained by the House Committee on Homeland Security after months of stonewalling by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reveal 95.8 percent of all migrant applicants seeking admission to pursue asylum claims are admitted and released into the United States. The migrants are released with minimal vetting, the documents reveal. The documents covered the period between January and September 2023 and show 266,846 of 278,431 migrants were allowed entry into the United States, a percentage far greater than recorded asylum case approvals by immigration courts,” Breitbart reported.

Rep. Mark E. Green (R-TN), who is the chairman of the committee, was very blunt in his assessment of the actions of DHS, stating, “Secretary Mayorkas has utterly abused the CBP One app in his quest for open borders.”

“These numbers are proof that Mayorkas’ operation is a smokescreen for the mass release of individuals into this country who would otherwise have zero claim to be admitted,” Green flatly charged in his statement.

“At a time when global tensions are rising, and our enemies are growing bolder, releasing tens of thousands of these people into our communities — especially when they have not received adequate, if any, vetting — is irresponsible. It shouldn’t take a subpoena threat from Congress to get these answers, but we are going to keep fighting for the truth,” he vowed.

Breitbart is reporting that “The nearly 96 percent admission rate under the CBP One application at ports of entry does not correlate with the historically lower number of asylum applications approved by immigration courts when cases are ultimately adjudicated. The number of successful asylum adjudications, which is higher under the Biden administration than in previous years, is far below the shockingly high parole rates using CBP One, according to the documents released by DHS.”

The numbers are mind-blowing and show that the Biden administration has allegedly green-lighted mass illegal immigration on a scale that is historic and certainly a security risk of epic proportions.

The House Committee on Homeland Security documents received from DHS are revealing:

  • Overall, 95.8 percent of all inadmissible migrants who scheduled appointments through the CBP One application between January and September 2023 were ultimately issued a “Notice to Appear” (NTA) and released into the United States on parole.
  • 278,431 appointments were scheduled, with 266,846 of these individuals released into the interior of the United States to pursue asylum claims.

Illegal immigrants who applied through the CBP One immigration app and were overwhelmingly released into the US come from countries such as Venezuela, Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Afghanistan, China, and Iran.

“According to the GOP majority in the House Committee on Homeland Security, CBP One has consistently been used to release otherwise inadmissible aliens from Mexico and Northern Triangle countries,” Breitbart noted.

Other countries named in the release data include Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

The House Committee on Homeland Security initially requested the documents via a letter that was sent to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in June 2023. It described the use of the CBP One app as a danger to migrants seeking admission to the United States.

“DHS claims that the application’s continued expansion will help provide a ‘safe, orderly, and lawful path’ for aliens to access the U.S. legal system. But the use of this application is anything but safe, orderly, and lawful,” the letter stated.

“Indeed, to schedule a time to appear at a port of entry, a migrant must still make the dangerous journey to Mexico, where there is a high probability, they will be assaulted, raped, or killed. Also, the application only offers a limited number of appointments per day, creating a significant backlog of impatient migrants who are flooding into Mexico, hoping for an appointment,” it continued.

“In addition, this application only exacerbates the security risks already plaguing our Southwest border, expediting the process for aliens to be released into the country with little vetting,” the letter concluded.

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