Biden SHAKEUP Confirmed – He’s Putting It On Hold!

President Biden has officially nixed his trip to Colorado, opting instead to focus his efforts on attending meetings to discuss the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel.

(Video Credit: FOX31 Denver)

The trip was evidently canceled at the last minute on Monday. The president reportedly decided to remain in Washington, D.C. as things heat up in Israel. He had planned to promote his economic/green agenda accomplishments in Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s backyard as he preps to run for reelection in 2024.

“The President’s trip to Colorado is postponed and it will be rescheduled. The President will remain at the White House to participate in national security meetings,” an administration official said in a statement.

“Biden had been heading to the district of Rep. Lauren Boebert, where he was to visit CS Wind, the world’s largest facility for wind tower manufacturing. But the White House said just a few hours before Biden was set to take off for the trip that it would be rescheduled,” the Associated Press reported.

“Instead, Biden is expected to hold a series of high-level meetings with aides on Israel and the growing humanitarian concerns in Gaza. The Democratic president is weighing a decision to visit the region in what would be a striking symbol of support for Israel following the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas that killed more than 1,400 Israelis,” the news outlet continued.

The media may be spinning it as support for Israel, but Biden seems very, very concerned with humanitarian aid in Gaza for the Palestinians.

He is joined by the media as the Associated Press was quick to point out that over 2,300 Palestinians have perished as Israel retaliated for the unprovoked slaughter of its citizens, not to mention the rapes and hostage-taking that have taken place. Among those murdered were babies beheaded by Hamas. At least 30 Americans have died and 13 are still missing, according to the State Department.

Israel is prepping a ground invasion to hunt down every single terrorist that attacked them.

“Israel has amassed forces on the Gaza border ahead of a potential invasion into the strip. Since last weekend’s attack by Hamas terrorists that left more than 1,400 dead in Israel, the Israelis have unleashed a massive bombing campaign on Gaza and the country’s military has warned civilians to evacuate the northern part of the Gaza Strip,” CNN reported.

“It’s rare for presidential travel, which is meticulously planned for security and logistical purposes, to be called off at the last minute. Biden’s decision reflects the competing pressure that he faces as he tries to manage bloody conflicts in Ukraine, where the Russian invasion is in its second year, and now the Middle East, always one of the world’s most combustible regions,” the Associated Press stated.

“There are concerns that a second front could open in Israel’s north, which neighbors the Hezbollah-controlled territory in Lebanon’s south. There have already been reports of sporadic fighting along the border,” the media outlet added.

Biden has yet to condemn Iran in all of this even though it backs Hamas and Hezbollah. That fact has not gone unnoticed by Americans.

The US has sent two aircraft carrier strike groups to the Eastern Mediterranean as a show of strength, but so far that’s all it’s been.

“The reason to stay home today, Phil, was really to make sure that he could stay focused on what’s going between Israel and Hamas,” National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby told CNN’s Phil Mattingly on “This Morning.”

“(Biden) will have national security meetings today. I don’t have any travel to speak to or announce, with respect to Israel. There was an invitation from the prime minister, but again, no travel to speak to right now.”

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