Biden THREAT Reported – Inside The White House!

A new poll seemed to indicate a shift in the wind for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination, with voters now expressing a different take on Vice President Kamala Harris.

The poll conducted for Newsweek shows how the tables have turned with 68 percent of the eligible voters surveyed saying they would either “strongly support” or “support” President Joe Biden being challenged by his VP for the 2024 nomination.

“The Redfield & Wilton Strategies survey, conducted exclusively for Newsweek, found a plurality of voters would back Biden facing a primary challenge from Harris, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg or Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders,” Newsweek reported Wednesday.

The dwindling support for the 81-year-old president is not new, as even in November, 64% of those surveyed in a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll indicated they were against Biden running for re-election.

According to Newsweek:

According to the Redfield & Wilson Strategies poll, some 36 percent of eligible U.S. voters would “strongly support” Harris running against Biden for the Democratic nomination, with another 32 percent saying they would “support” such a bid. By comparison, 11 percent said they would “oppose” or “strongly oppose” a run, with the remainder either saying they would “neither support nor oppose” a Harris bid or that they didn’t know.


In addition, 25 percent of respondents indicated they would “strongly support” a challenge to Biden from Newsom while 26 percent would “support” the California governor for the nomination.

Buttigieg, who previously ran against Biden in the 2020 primaries, saw 48 percent of surveyed voters either “support” or “strongly support” him for the 2024 nomination, according to the poll.

With two failed bids at the White House, Sanders still had 22 percent of those polled saying they would “strongly support” another shot by the independent leftist senator. Another 29 percent would “support” a Sanders run against Biden while those who “oppose” and “strongly oppose” a challenge came to a total of 22 percent.

“Amongst the potential candidates surveyed, only West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat associated with the right of the party, didn’t have a plurality in favor of challenging Biden. Some 24 percent would ‘support’ or ‘strongly support’ a Manchin bid, while 27 percent would be either ‘opposed’ or ‘strongly opposed,'” according to Newsweek.

Manchin, who announced last month that he would not be running for re-election, has openly sided against his party on several occasions, proving to be a challenge to Democrats who demand unwavering party loyalty.

“After months of deliberation and long conversations with my family, I believe in my heart of hearts that I have accomplished what I set out to do for West Virginia,” he said in his announcement.

The Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll was the result of a December 19 online survey of 1,500 eligible U.S. voters who, though they seemed open to Biden being challenged – even by his vice president who has had dismal ratings – also “found 53 percent of American voters believe Biden will end up clinching the party’s 2024 presidential nomination, well ahead of Dean Philips, who is the second highest-ranked candidate on 5 percent,” according to Newsweek.

Interestingly, reactions to the poll results indicating that voters would prefer Harris to Biden were mixed – with most questioning the numbers.

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