Biden’s Air Force One buzzed by MYSTERY object

A reported UFO appearing to buzz President Joe Biden stirred Santa snark as the unexplained video went viral in time for Christmas Eve.

Between congressional committees on unidentified aerial/anomalous phenomena (UAP) and the Biden administration’s bungled management of Chinese spy balloons crossing over the North American continent, it’s little wonder that a video of a peculiar object in protected airspace would become an internet sensation.

That’s just what happened after amateur plane tracking brothers Peter and Joshua Solorzano set up their stream at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) when Air Force One was in town. Sunday, Dec. 10, when a tight-lipped Biden had jet-set to California for fundraising after his son Hunter Biden’s federal indictment, the brothers managed to spot a UAP three times while filming the commander-in-chief’s escort.

“A few viewers are saying we saw a UFO,” Peter could be heard saying during the stream as the brothers attempted to make sense of what they had witnessed.

As it happened, with the president said to have been on the tarmac at the time, the airspace over LAX had been under Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) for safety. Video from the Solorzanos showed Air Force One’s F-35 escorts being refueled midair by a KC-10 tanker aircraft when the spherical-looking object appeared in the foreground.

“Is that it? Is that one of the UAPs that we’ve been talking about,” wondered Peter before Joshua said, “I’m kind of scared looking at this…I’m not sure what that is, could it be a balloon? I’m thinking balloon.”

“Are you just saying that to keep the — certain authorities away?” the brother joked back.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, author and UFO debunker Mick West speculated that the appearance of rapid motion by the object was most likely caused by it being closer than the aircraft to the camera. “It appears to be a white object, not moving in the air, just moving with the wind, so zero airspeed,” he said. “There’s nothing to suggest it’s not a balloon — you just can’t prove it.”

The inability to prove what was witnessed in the video resulted in heavy speculation with many torn between the choices of yet another Chinese spy balloon or Santa Claus doing a practice run in the days counting down to Christmas.

As the video made the rounds, an NBC News report detailed how, in January, the Biden administration had endeavored to cover up the existence of a Chinese spy balloon that had traversed American airspace.

After Gen. Glen VanHerck had called then-Joint Chiefs of Staff chair Gen. Mark Milley on Jan. 27 about the balloon, NBC News said there was “an eight-day scramble inside the Biden administration to respond to” it.

“Administration officials at first hoped to conceal the balloon’s existence from the public, and from Congress, according to multiple former and current administration and congressional officials,” the report added.

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