Creepy Biden CAUGHT With Kids – Video Catches Everything!

As might be expected, President Joe Biden and Halloween at the White House was not a good mix.

The feeble, 80-year-old president and first lady Jill Biden hosted a Halloween eve trick-or-treating event, distributing candy and books to support the “Hallo-READ!” theme.

There were up to 8,000 guests at the White House, including scores of children, and at one point, Mrs. Biden, who was dressed up as the White House cat Willow, wearing a gray dress, cat ears, a nose and whiskers, and a tail, read to a group of kids.

As for the distribution of candy… well, that proved to be President Biden’s downfall — the task being a bridge too far if you will.

For starters, Biden blessed some of the treats with presidential germs, as he is seen on video coughing into the very hand he was using to hand out candy

At another point, the fumbling president dropped candy at the feet of a trick-or-treater:

Of course, there was the prerequisite moment where Biden’s inner desires got the better of him and he went in a little too close with a small child — given his history of getting uncomfortably close to small children, even handsy, one might think the president’s handlers would have cautioned him about avoiding such an encounter:

Has it really been that long ago when things were a little more predictable at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

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