Crime Ring BUSTED – ‘Epstein’ Deal Demanded!

Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss says federal prosecutors behind the recent bust of a prostitution network should protect those involved just as they did for billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

L.A.’s most infamous procurest of sex protected her red Gucci planner and the names in its 28 pages for decades. She said nobody involved in the ring that stretched from L.A. to Boston were Epstein “weirdos” and deserved the privacy that Epstein’s clients got.

“Earlier this month, Department of Justice officials announced charges against two accused pimps and a madam who were running a sprawling sex trafficking ring ‘built on secrecy and exclusivity,’ that catered to the wealthy and influential, including politicians, military officials, industry titans, doctors, and other boldfaced names,” Los Angeles Magazine reported.

“Pick a profession, they are probably represented in this case,” Massachusetts United States Attorney Joshua Levy remarked when announcing charges.

Accused pimp James Lee of Torrance, who is 68 and is charged with renting the luxury apartments for the underground brothel network, is being held without bail. It’s expected that he will be extradited to Massachusetts because the case is being tried there.

“Lee is also suspected of laundering the brothels’ proceeds through shadowy L.A. businesses, including some that illegally obtained $500,000 in COVID loans, according to court records,” Los Angeles Magazine noted.

Fleiss mocked Lee during a phone interview with the outlet:

A pimp in Torrance? That’s laughable. That makes him about as relevant as a land line. I would hate to be some madam in some rinky dink apartment on the outskirts of L.A. The only way it’s worth it is if you eat the best food, drive the best cars, and f**k the best people. I was living over the Beverly Hills hotel. This pimp was living in the South Bay. Please. The people in this Internet sh*t don’t get to live large like me.

The brothel reportedly farmed out escorts to men across state lines. Clientele were offered their choice of women depending on their tastes. The purported members-only club specialized in mostly Asian women who had their services listed menu-style along with photos of them. Court records indicate that some of the escorts were flown from Boston to Los Angeles to cater to men.

“I know it wasn’t Gavin Newsom,” Fleiss quipped. “He’s so handsome, I wish I had him as a client. But no. Too squeaky clean.”

Fleiss called a demand to out the men involved in the recent bust of the sex ring “ridiculous”:

Why embarrass people unnecessarily? No one in history had a list like me anyway. My clients were the wealthiest people in the world, and none of them were into that Epstein weirdo stuff, the people on that list.

“Ghislaine…she was a disgrace. Not a madam,” Fleiss asserted.

The notorious madame bragged about her now-defunct prostitution network.

“Fleiss said she was making millions a week with a roster of 500 call girls during her prostitution glory days that began in 1990. It was a short-lived luxury life. Three years later, on June 9, 1993, she was busted by the LAPD vice squad at 1270 Tower Ave. and charged with five counts of pandering,” Los Angeles Magazine wrote.

“Fleiss’ trial was a blockbuster. Charlie Sheen testified he’d spent $53,000 a year on her escorts, testimony that helped convince a jury to convict her on three counts of pandering. She was sentenced to three years, but that conviction was overturned in 1996. A year later a federal tax-evasion case led her to a fed lockup in Dublin, California to serve a 20-month stint,” the outlet added.

The madam never turned on her clientele by name:

The only reason Charlie Sheen got caught is because he paid in travelers checks.

Fleiss contended during the interview that Hollywood actors were “cheap.”

“They don’t want to pay and they don’t tip,” she bluntly claimed.

The former madame now lives in Pahrump, Nevada with her collection of birds.

“These days I live with birds, not b*tches,” Fleiss commented. “It’s a lot healthier.”

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