DeSantis Threatens To DEPORT Kamala Harris – To Her “Homeland”

Left-wing critics are apoplectic over the word choice by Gov. Ron DeSantis in a fund-raising appeal vowing to send Vice President Kamala Harris back to her “liberal homeland” of California.

The Florida Republican’s threat is being blasted as a racial “dog whistle” after the appeal to donors amid his 2024 bid for the White House.

“The radical agenda of the Biden administration will be ripped up and shoved into a trashcan when we send Joe right back to his basement and Kamala to her liberal homeland,” the fundraising message reportedly read, according to Florida Politics.

“They won’t be able to do any more damage to our country, our kids, or our future there,” the message continued.

Journalist Lesley Abravanel lambasted DeSantis as a “Revolting, vile, gangrenous scab racist” on X in reaction to the article written by A.G. Gancarski who characterized the phrase as “dog-whistle wordplay.”

“The Governor has relished invoking Harris’ name to galvanize his base,” Gancarski claimed.

Earlier this summer, DeSantis had excoriated Harris over her failed job on the southern U.S. border and called her out for lies about the history curriculum in Florida schools.

“She wasn’t going down to the border to actually do the job there to secure it,” the GOP presidential candidate said on “Jesse Watters Primetime” in July. “She wasn’t working on all the cities that are decaying because of Soros-backed prosecutors. She’s not worried about the military running low on ammo and weapon stocks. No, she’s here to try to push a fake narrative about what Florida did.”

Other social media users joined the pile-on after the reported vow to ship Harris back to California, clearly driven by the claim that his threat was racist in origin.

“Republicans are trash, and this violent racist rhetoric from DeSantis is what their voters like,” tweeted one “Florida Expert.”

DeSantis invited Harris to visit Florida back when she embarked on her Sunshine State-bashing tour, visiting Florida only to bash its governor and the education standards she never really understood.

“Time and again, D.C. politicians choose to malign our state and its residents,” DeSantis wrote in a letter to the vice president. “Over the past several weeks, the Biden Administration has repeatedly disparaged our state and misinformed Americans about our education system. It’s past time to set the record straight.”

“She came to Florida to attack us, and she’s trying to attack me. But she’s really attacking the people that worked hard on this,” DeSantis told reporters in New Hampshire in July. “I think it’s wrong to let lies be perpetuated. It’s wrong to let false narratives stand.”


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