Disbarment comes for scandal-ridden Dem prosecutor

The Maryland Bar Counsel, which reportedly investigates wrongdoings by attorneys, has filed a petition demanding the state immediately suspend the law license of former Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

“Thomas M. DeGonia, the state’s recently appointed bar counsel, cited Mosby’s November perjury convictions in a petition asking the Supreme Court of Maryland to temporarily suspend her license,” according to The Baltimore Sun.

Last month, Mosby, formerly Baltimore’s top prosecutor, was convicted on two counts of perjury “relating to the withdrawal of funds from the City of Baltimore’s Deferred Compensation Plan claiming that she suffered adverse financial consequences during the COVID-19 pandemic when she was Baltimore City State’s Attorney,” according to a Department of Justice press release.

“[O]n May 26, 2020 and December 29, 2020, Mosby submitted ‘457(b) Coronavirus-Related Distribution Requests” for one-time withdrawals of $40,000 and $50,000, respectively, from City of Baltimore’s Deferred Compensation Plan,” the press release adds.

“Trial evidence proved that Mosby falsely certified that she met at least one of the qualifications for a distribution as defined under the CARES Act, specifically, that she experienced adverse financial consequences from the Coronavirus,” the press release continues.

In the petition filed Friday with the Maryland Supreme Court, DeGonia and Assistant Bar Counsel Leonard H. Addison IV cited Mosby’s convictions as evidence she’d committed a “serious crime” under the state’s rules for attorneys.

“Under the Maryland Attorneys’ Rules of Professional Conduct, a ‘serious crime’ includes any offense that is punishable by three or more years in prison and any crime that involves ‘false swearing’ or ‘misrepresentation.’ Mosby’s conviction on the perjury charges placed her within that category,” The Daily Record notes.

If Mosby successfully appeals her conviction, these concerns would be moot. But if the conviction is upheld, she could be in serious trouble and face possible disbarment.

Dovetailing back to Mosby’s convictions, the original indictment contended that she’d basically lied twice, claiming that she suffered a work-related financial hardship from COVID so she could request early withdrawals totaling $90,000 from her city employee retirement account.

The indictment further stated that, in both instances, Mosby fraudulently cited a federal CARES Act provision that allowed for emergency distributions of up to $100,000 from her retirement plan in the event of a furlough, layoff, quarantine, reduced work hours, lack of childcare, or impact on a person’s business caused by COVID.

Prosecutors alleged that she used $36,000 in May 2020 and $45,000 in December that same year as down payments on vacation homes in Kissimmee and Long Boat Key, Florida. She received the funds while she was earning a gross salary of almost $248,000.

She was also charged with two counts of making false statements on mortgage applications where she applied to get over $900,000 in loans to purchase the two Florida properties.

Specifically, the indictment argued that Mosby had failed to disclose that she and her husband were delinquent in federal tax payments resulting in a $45,000 tax lien that was filed against them by the Internal Revenue Service in 2020.

Mosby allegedly stated that she would be the primary resident of one of the homes for at least a year so she could receive a lower mortgage rate. But she had already entered an agreement with a vacation home management company to rent out the house the week before, according to the indictment.

As previously reported, she was part of a Democrat movement of “progressive prosecutors” who ran for office and promised to address so-called systemic inequities in the U.S. criminal justice system. Mosby’s name was splattered across national headlines in 2015 when she charged six officers in the police custody death of Freddie Gray, who was a young black man.

Gray suffered a fatal spinal injury while he was being transported in the back of a police van by the officers. His death led to riots that took place on the day of his funeral. None of the six officers that were charged with his death were convicted.

Critics for their part are enjoying seeing Mosby, a former hardcore Black Lives Matter advocate, be held accountable:

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