Epstein Investigator Reveals What They Did To Her…

An attorney general investigating billionaire Jeffrey Epstein said she was summarily fired by the powers that be because she wanted to know the truth.

Denise George claimed a security guard came to her door and handed her a letter notifying her she had been terminated.

When George went after Epstein, she allegedly faced opposition not just from Wall Street but from leaders and power brokers in the US Virgin Islands where she was the attorney general. A lot of people evidently just wanted the whole scandal to fade away.

She was fired after spending over three years investigating Epstein’s crimes.

“Correspondence about the case obtained by Bloomberg News underscores the sense of urgency within the local government and the pressure George came under. Hundreds of pages of court documents offer a window into details about Epstein’s web of influence in the US territory,” Fortune reported.

“George was the driving force behind three high-profile legal battles involving Epstein, the Svengali who courted a wide circle of rich and powerful men – from Bill Gates to Prince Andrew – even after he was branded a sex offender,” the news outlet added.

A year ago, Epstein’s estate agreed to pay the Virgin Islands $105 million. In addition to that, the estate also agreed to surrender half the proceeds from selling one of Epstein’s two islands, Little St. James, where authorities believe some of his sex crimes took place.

The attorney general felt she was pressured by the territory’s governor to wrap things up quickly concerning Epstein. She claims he wanted it buried permanently.

George noted differences between her approach and the governor’s: “It was very professional but we did have very different values and that created a lot of contention between us throughout the course of the Epstein investigation and other matters as well.”

Governor Albert Bryan Jr. made it crystal clear after George was fired in December that he wanted the whole sordid mess put to bed.

“If we never mention Jeffrey Epstein again, that would be good for me,” Bryan told The St. Thomas Source in an interview.

According to Fortune, Epstein was politically connected in the Virgin Islands and wielded heavy influence. None of that was lost on George.

“He cultivated politicians, donated heavily to campaigns, and forged close ties with a powerful and well-connected local law firm. Cecile de Jongh, wife of one of Bryan’s predecessors as governor, John de Jongh, even worked for Epstein. She served as his office manager and unofficial political emissary. Mrs. de Jongh declined to comment for this story,” Fortune noted.

George did not grasp the width and breadth of Epstein’s crimes until she became attorney general in 2019. When she took office, she was immediately assailed by the media wanting to know if authorities in the Virgin Islands were investigating him. At the time, they weren’t.

Fortune also reported on the curious fact that Epstein’s legal team sought a waiver at the time:

Around the same time, Governor Bryan, who was sworn in in 2019, told George that Epstein had made a request: He wanted a new waiver to loosen certain restrictions placed on him as a convicted sex offender, according to court filings. Epstein, for instance, had to give the Virgin Islands 21 days’ notice when he planned to travel.


“In my head I am thinking, Relax?” George recounted. “If anything, wouldn’t you say, Tighten them?”

Bryan texted George and told her to make a decision, so she did. She denied Epstein’s request.

“If I have to lose my job to avoid being part of a conspiracy to cover something up, I would do it,” George declared. “My bar license, my integrity were more important to me. I wasn’t going to compromise that.”

“When Epstein was found dead a few months later in his cramped Manhattan jail cell, George saw an opening. Epstein had quietly set up a trust in the Virgin Islands as a repository of his personal fortune, valued at $577 million at the time of his death. George decided to go after the estate and those who might have helped Epstein,” Fortune reported, pointing out that George planned to go after Epstein’s accomplices.

When George told the governor she wanted to launch a civil enforcement action against Epstein’s estate, he gave her the green light. But as the investigation entered its second year, the relationship between the two began to sour.

Bryan wanted the investigation wrapped up immediately but George tried to explain to him that the civil racketeering case was complex and would take more time.

“Trying to untangle a half-billion-dollar estate is a formidable task under the best of circumstances. It was even harder given the code of silence still surrounding the dead financier. Many of Epstein’s employees had signed nondisclosure agreements. Some alerted the estate’s lawyers the moment investigators reached out. On Little St. Jeff, groundskeepers avoided eye contact when authorities approached,” Fortune said.

In the end, Epstein’s estate settled.

Four weeks after that, George was terminated. She had just sued JP Morgan for covering up Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes.

(Video Credit: The Hill)

A security officer arrived at her door and proceeded to hand her a letter. The attorney general had been officially fired according to Fortune.

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