First female mayor in Philly takes drastic action for a Democrat

As Philadelphia continues morphing into a third-world hellscape, the city just elected its 100th mayor who is a Democrat, former teacher, long-serving councilwoman, and black.

Cherelle Parker immediately declared a public safety emergency after being inaugurated and signed three executive orders on her first day in office while touting her 100-day action plan as mayor.

She vowed to take aggressive action against crime in the City of Brotherly Love. The new mayor “campaigned on a centrist platform of safety, jobs, and city services,” according to the Daily Mail.

Parker plans to put more police officers on the streets, emphasizing community policing.

(Video Credit: 6abc Philadelphia)

“She promised on the campaign trail to hire 300 more police officers, including community officers, and restore ‘constitutional’ stop-and-frisk. She also put forth the idea of making school year-round, to reduce juvenile delinquency,” the outlet noted.

“Officers there as guardians and not warriors, getting to know the people they are sworn to protect and serve,” she proclaimed on Tuesday night, during her inaugural address, parroting a leftist narrative that has failed spectacularly in other Democrat-led cities.

“I want the world to know that I am fully committed to ending this sense of lawlessness, and bringing order back to our city – and a sense of lawfulness. End lawlessness, bring order back and a sense of lawfulness, right here in our city,” she asserted according to 6 ABC News.

Despite the city claiming that homicides are down over 20 percent and non-fatal shootings have decreased by 28 percent, the streets tell a vastly different story there.

In 2020 and 2021, Philadelphia was hailed as one of the most dangerous cities in the country. There were over 500 murders in each of those years which was far more than New York, a city five times the size of Philly.

Theft is skyrocketing in the city with vehicle theft reportedly up 72 percent. Retail theft is up a whopping 28 percent in the last year as well.

And then there is the infamous outdoor drug use in Kensington. Shocking scenes of tranq addicts shooting up in plain view have roiled the Internet. According to the Daily Mail, over 90 percent of heroin found on the streets of Philadelphia now contain tranq. It causes a zombie-like stupor and deep wounds that often lead to amputation.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

According to Parker, her Public Safety Emergency will “expeditiously get every available resource into neighborhoods struggling with the scourges of crime, gun violence, drugs, and addiction.”

Kevin Bethel, her newly anointed police commissioner, has been given his marching orders to create plans that will handle the drug scene as well as car theft, shoplifting, and illegal ATV use.

“If somebody tells you ‘We think she lacks compassion because she wants to be too aggressive in cleaning up the open-air drug market’ – you tell them to think about whether or not they would want their mother, father, sister, brother, loved one on the streets openly using intravenous drugs,” the mayor declared.

She wants the city cleaned up before celebrating America’s 250th anniversary. Philadelphia will also co-host the FIFA World Cup in 2026.

“If we don’t get our own house in order before company comes, and if we don’t address public safety, we won’t be ready to receive anybody in 2026,” Parker stated sounding a lot like California Governor Gavin Newsom when the Chinese came to town.

“We are going to bring together local, state, and federal officials – along with our business leaders who have a stake in the economic success of our city – so that we can tap into the intellectual resources of Philadelphia, and truly try to create economic opportunities for everyone,” the new mayor said.

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