Fox News GETS RACIAL – Finally Says What We’re All Thinking…

The post-apocalyptic movie “Leave the World Behind,” which was produced by Obama’s Higher Ground Productions and is currently streaming on Netflix, was shredded on Fox News for blatant racism.

One memorable clip from the movie has the black daughter of a successful black man telling her father that white people can’t be trusted.

“Remember that if the world falls apart, trust should not be doled out easily to anyone, especially white people,” the daughter admonishes. “Even mom would agree on that.”

As the film was being excoriated on the right, leftists charged that most of them had not even watched the movie according to the Daily Beast. However, many who have seen the movie consider it to have racist overtones.

“The star-studded film, an adaptation of the 2020 bestselling book of the same name, features Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, and Mahershala Ali. The thriller has been equally polarizing among critics and audiences, with much of the criticism directed at its languid pace, simplistic themes, and frustrating ending. The Daily Beast’s Coleman Spilde, for instance, labeled it an ‘excruciatingly dull’ film that ‘knows how to amplify tension without answering questions or saying anything new,'” the Daily Beast noted.

(Video Credit: Netflix)

The movie is about a white family who get away for the weekend. Julia Roberts plays the mother and at the beginning proclaims she “f***ing hates people.”

They rent a beautiful home near the beach and the owners unexpectedly show up at night. They are black and Roberts seems to be in disbelief that they could actually own the home. They ask to stay there despite it being rented because of a blackout. Roberts protests way too much but they eventually let them stay. The racial insinuations are thick throughout the movie.

“Amanda’s unrelenting suspicion of G.H. and Ruth keeps the movie on a perpetual boil,” USA Today stated during an interview with the film’s director. “But the motivations behind her sentiments can be seen two ways, at times unflinchingly racist (how can these black people be the owners of this ultra-fancy vacation home, she suggests) and in others borderline reasonable (why are these strangers showing up at our door at nearly midnight claiming there’s a blackout?).”

On Fox’s “Outnumbered,” co-host Emily Compagno said, “This scene in particular is being singled out for sowing racial divide,” referring to the black daughter’s statement to her father.

Co-host Kayleigh McEnany then tore into the film and former President Obama, saying she’d “love to know” whether the former president “was OK” with that particular line because that “would be a huge problem.”

“It seems to me a major headline when—that’s Critical Race Theory in a nutshell. You are an oppressed or an oppressor based on the color of your skin,” she pointed out. “That is the ideology represented by that line. Well, why is that not a headline in all these major newspapers?”

McEnany added, “I went to Google News and the Variety headline was ‘Barack Obama sends script notes for Netflix’s new disaster, leaving people scared,’ ‘Barack Obama gave major feedback on the Leave the World Behind script.’ I’m noting that, basically, when he advised on how the end of the world would look, the director got scared. That’s the headline! Why isn’t the headline… the former president reviewed a script embedded with this racist line and how did it get through?!”

Co-host Molly Line evidently didn’t see the move and as it turns out, neither has McEnany and she has no intention of watching it. She did, however, see the clip.

“I have a lot of movies to see before that one,” she asserted. “I won’t be seeing it.”

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