Fox Star DODGES DEATH – On Live TV

A Fox News reporter barely escaped death on national television after a Hamas rocket blew up just 100 feet from him and his crew.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Fox News correspondent Trey Yingst found himself in harm’s way while reporting from Sderot, Israel on Friday. He recounted that a rocket launched by Hamas militants landed “very close to where reporters have been covering the situation along the border.”

Later, he took to X and shared a clip of the moment the rocket hit next to them.

Yingst and his crew dove for cover before he showed the incident on air. He was visibly shaken and gasping for breath after the near miss.

“Guys, we. We’re just. We could hear a direct impact. A rocket just slammed into the building right next to where we’re at. You can see soldiers just arrived on the scene,” he said on air.

“I just want to give you a little bit of time here, what the situation was here,” Yingst added.

“Okay. So just a moment ago. Sirens were sounding. We followed our plan. We got straight to cover. And then we heard a loud explosion. Rocking the ground right next to us. It appears there has been a direct impact. This was not intercepted. It was a massive explosion. And you can see the car right there has some damage,” the reporter explained.

“It appears there are no casualties. But this is very close to where reporters have been covering the situation along the border. And there is some sort of siren from inside the building going off. And just a pan here,” Yingst commented for viewers.

“Excuse me, sir. And you can see this car here has some damage to it. And this is all very fresh just a moment ago. So let me take you through what happened here, guys. We’re right along the Israel-Gaza border. This area has not been taking much fire recently,” the reporter continued.

Yingst then gave a blow-by-blow of what exactly happened and how harrowing it was.

“We saw something coming off the Gaza Strip. Sirens sounded. You have about 10 seconds to get to cover here. I’m a little out of breath because we ran straight to cover. Something slipped past Israel’s missile defense system and it slammed into the ground. We’re not sure what sort of damage was done to the building,” he said.

“And in this building right here, it’s the same building we’ve been next to. It’s a kindergarten, actually, that was hit. There were no students inside. And it’s nighttime and it’s also Shabbat. But a lot of journalists around here, again, no casualties, but quite a lot of shrapnel in this area,” Yingst shakily reported.

It’s obvious this was a very, very close call. It all goes with reporting on the front lines of a war.

“How many yards from you did that rocket land? I mean, that was pretty close,” Outnumbered co-host Kayleigh McEnany asked Yingst.

“Yeah. This landed, just maybe a hundred feet from where we were standing. But again, we have safety protocols in place. And so when something like this happens, we’ve already discussed what to do,” he told her.

Yingst went into more detail about how they reacted when the sirens went off.

“So you’ll notice we were about to come on air and we couldn’t actually see that round come off the Gaza Strip. It may have been mortar fire. We’re still not able to establish if it was a small rocket or if it was a mortar. But immediately the sirens sounded here,” he told McEnany.

“You have just a few seconds to get to cover. So we didn’t even pick the camera off. We got immediately to cover. Our entire crew was in cover, but our colleagues that we are close with were next to us. They were not in cover. Again, no one was hurt here. There are no casualties from what we can see,” he noted.

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