Ghislaine Maxwell PRISON DISCOVERY – This Is Very Bad…

Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell is once again dealing with poor lockup conditions, including moldy bread and bug-infested cereal.

After Maxwell’s arrest in July 2020, she was tossed into New York City’s Metropolitan Detention Center, where she complained about the conditions.

“Her lawyers repeatedly complained that conditions at the Brooklyn jail were ‘reprehensible.’ They claimed Maxwell was subjected to such invasive surveillance that it ‘rivals scenes of Dr Hannibal Lecter’s incarceration’ from the film The Silence of the Lambs,” according to The Guardian.

“They also alleged that Maxwell was deprived of water and fed food infested with maggots. They claimed that raw sewage permeated her cell, which was plagued by rats, and that guards prevented her from sleeping by shining torches into her eyes every 15 minutes,” read the report from July of 2022.

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July of 2022 was the same month she was moved to Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Tallahassee, a low-security prison in Florida.

Fast-forward to November of 2023, when the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) published a damning report about the equally miserable conditions at FCI Tallahassee.

“[O]n our second day at the institution, we observed inmates being served moldy bread and vegetables rotting in a refrigerator in a food preparation area at the female prison. We also observed in food storage warehouses likely evidence of rodent droppings and rodents having chewed through boxes of food, as well as bags of cereal with insects in them and warped food containers,” the report’s executive summary reads.

“Inside communal inmate bathrooms, we observed a shower in which discolored water had pooled, a shower that flooded when used, and an inoperable toilet. We also found
that female housing unit roofs routinely leak and that all five general population housing unit roofs need to be replaced,” it continues.

(Source: OIG report)

Sound nasty? Oh, it gets worse.

The inspectors even observed “feminine hygiene products”  being used to absorb water from leaking windows.

They also saw an electric outlet with fire damage, a sink detached from the wall, “a black substance on walls and ceilings,” “worn bedding, rusted inmate storage lockers, and unlocked supply closets.”

(Source: OIG report)

The publication of the report comes a few months after the Daily Mail confirmed in July that Maxwell has been filing complaints about this prison as well.

“Records … reveal Maxwell has accused workers of harassment, unprofessional behavior and discrimination under the 14th Amendment and freedom of religion laws. She’s also peppered jail authorities with complaints about the food, a lack of hot water, being denied access to a computer and having her mail tampered with,” the Mail reported.

A couple of months earlier in January, Maxwell described her time in the prison during a phone interview with Britain’s TalkTV, earning her the moniker “prison Karen.”

‘So, they wake you up at 6. And you can go to breakfast, which consists of a cereal and fruit, a piece of fruit, generally. And then you have to make your bed in military style so there is nothing that’s sticking out. It has to be a prescribed way otherwise you can get into trouble. You can get what’s called a ‘shot,'” she said.

“And then at 7:30 am you go to work and for me that means I go to the law library, to help people so if they have detainers or they have warrants, or they are trying to appeal their case or… let’s see, if they are trying to get compassionate release or they ask about the first step back or how credits are applied to their time. That sort of thing and I ask those types of questions,” she added.

“And if you are lucky they call Recreation at some point during the day. If you are at work, you miss it and if you are not you get to go out for about an hour,” she continued.

The good news for Maxwell, who’s used to a luxurious lifestyle, is that the OIG report has been published. The bad news is the report contains no recommendations on how to fix any of these problems. However, in a statement to the New York Post, a Federal Bureau Of Prisons (FBOP) spokesperson said they’re working on it.

“The FBOP will carefully evaluate and implement any necessary corrective actions to ensure that our mission of operating safe, secure, and humane facilities continues to be fulfilled,” the spokesperson explained.

Either way, critics were not too teary-eyed over Maxwell’s complaints.


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