Ghislaine Maxwell RELEASES IT – New Documents Emerge!

Disgraced and imprisoned former socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is reportedly penniless and having to represent herself from behind bars using a typewriter.

The former paramour of the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is now desperately attempting to recoup millions from his estate in a grasping attempt to save herself. She’s filing her own legal briefs since she can’t afford an attorney in the Virgin Islands, according to the Daily Mail.

Following a divorce where Maxwell allegedly claimed her former husband took her money and jewelry, a conviction for decades of sex trafficking, and years of litigation involving Epstein’s victims, she is facing what she calls, “financial constraints.” In other words, she’s broke.

Much of her money was transferred to her ex-husband Scott Borgerson during her legal battles. They divorced in 2020 and all her money and approximately $1 million in jewels allegedly vanished.

“Filings obtained by state Maxwell is appearing ‘Pro Se’ – or representing herself – in a case she filed in the US Virgin Islands against Epstein’s estate seeking to recoup her legal fees from her 2021 criminal trial,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Maxwell has been forced to submit filings through the mail since she cannot file them electronically from the federal prison in Tallahassee where she is serving 20 years in jail for trafficking minors to Epstein,” the media outlet added.

Maxwell, who is the daughter of late media baron Robert Maxwell, a billionaire who died in 1991 under mysterious circumstances, calls the prison that is her new home a “technological black hole.” She claims there are no functioning computers and therefore she is forced to use a typewriter or pen and paper.

Many find it hard to fathom that a socialite who came from such a wealthy family is now destitute. But that appears to be the case. She has been forced to sell her $16 million New York townhouse as well as her $2.2 million London property to cover legal fees.

Maxwell filed a suit against Epstein’s estate in the Virgin Islands in March 2020. In the suit, she asserted that she had “incurred significant legal fees, personal security costs, and other expenses” when she worked for Epstein’s businesses between 1999 and 2006.

“Maxwell claimed that before Epstein hanged himself in August 2019 he said he would cover her legal fees and that promise was repeated by Darren Indyke, the pedophile’s longtime lawyer who is an executor of his estate,” the Daily Mail noted.

“Maxwell tried to file a motion Pro Se on May 18 but it only made its way to the court on October 3. In a handwritten note filed to the court, Maxwell states: ‘This is a copy of filing by Ms Maxwell dated May 18, 2023. She only has access to (the) US Postal Service as an inmate. Respectfully submitted, G Maxwell,'” the outlet wrote.

She has requested a stay so she can retain new counsel. In late December, Maxwell notified the court that her US Virgin Islands attorney, Kyle Waldner, had withdrawn from her case, forcing her to represent herself there.

The former socialite had already been facing financial issues with her Colorado law firm, Haddon, Morgan & Foreman, which had represented her for years. The firm sued her in 2022 for $878,000 in legal fees. They also accused her family of making “false promises” to pay them.

Maxwell is currently appealing her criminal conviction and is being represented by New York-based attorney Arthur Aidala, according to the Daily Mail.

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