Ghislaine Maxwell’s SECRET FOUND – It Was Her

The slow release of unsealed Jeffrey Epstein documents revealed a secret account belonging to his sex offender former girlfriend on a site known for explicit content — that currently still exists.

In satisfying the order of U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska, waves of documents related to Virginia Giuffre’s civil lawsuit against Epstein’s associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, have continued to be made public in recent days. While many have focused on the names of high-profile figures connected to the deceased financier and his private island, the unsealed documents also revealed the convict had made use of a Tumblr account.

Maxwell, who remarkably was sentenced to more than two decades in federal prison for sex trafficking a minor, among other charges, without a single client being exposed, was alleged to have concealed the account when Giuffre’s attorneys had sought to have more documents handed over during a hearing for the lawsuit that was settled in 2017.

Meredith Schultz, one of the attorneys representing Giuffre, had argued at the time that a email address, indicated on a police report, had been claimed to be a “spam account” used by Maxwell to redirect promotional materials from retail stores and the like from her primary address.

According to the unsealed transcript, Schultz told the court that the since-convicted sex offender had used the email for multiple message-capable and file sharing accounts that included LinkedIn, Dropbox and Tumblr.

“Publicly available information that we’ve gathered shows that defendant used that account not just for spam. She used it for her Dropbox account, which is an online file sharing account where you can exchange files and photographs. She’s used it for her [LinkedIn] account, which is a professional networking website that has inbox and messaging capabilities where messages from your professional contacts are routed to the email you sign up with,” outlined Schultz, “so in her case the Mindspring.”

“We also found evidence that she used it for her Tumblr account,” the attorney explained. “That is a social media website that also has inbox and messaging where over 22 percent of the content on this social website is pornographic and over 16 percent of the accounts created therein contain exclusively pornographic material.”

Since the time of the Nov. 2016 hearing, Business Insider reported that Tumblr had changed its community guidelines as a means to prohibit the pervasive explicit content that was found on the site as detailed by Schultz. However, the implication remained that Maxwell may have taken advantage of the looser moderation policies at the time.

During the hearing, in response to the suggestion from Giuffre’s attorney, Maxwell’s lawyer had said in part, “I take exception to what Ms. Schultz just said to the Court about somehow this is used pornographically, whatever she said. This is new information to me, which leads back to another point that is problematic on this motion. They’ve never conferred on about any of this.”

In response to the arguments, the judge denied the motion to compel additional data from Maxwell.

A representative from Tumblr confirmed to Business Insider that an account currently exists associated with the redacted email in question. Citing company privacy policies, they declined to provide further information.

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