Greeted by an empty room, Dylan Mulvaney desperate to attract ‘new sponsor’

Transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney has essentially found a new sponsor in beleaguered Penn State and gave a dud of a speech at the university to a mostly empty auditorium.

Mulvaney is a man who identifies as a woman and he made an appearance Tuesday at Penn State’s HUB-Robeson Center’s Alumni Hall. And while the event was poorly attended, that did not stop him from ranting on and on about his sexual identity, critics, dating life, love for his mother, love of the theater, Bud Light, etc., in words echoing hollowly throughout a large empty room.

“An image of the crowd posted to social media by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) shows Mulvaney talking onstage in front of a predominantly empty auditorium,” Campus Reform reported.

His standard honorarium for a speaking engagement is $40,000, YAF noted while pointing out that Mulvaney’s speaking fee was “paid for with student funds.”

According to Onward State, he carped about it being “a hard six months” following the Bud Light fiasco, “It was the hardest year of my life. My next musical theater dream is to do a production with a lot of trans people on stage.”

“I realized that these companies were capitalizing on my identity and transness in a way that was really ugly. I was putting my energy and identity into situations that were not safe for me, or for the (trans) community,” Mulvaney whined to those in attendance.

He went on to discuss “gender identity” and “gender equity” as well.

“You’re entitled to be treated with respect. I never thought of myself as an activist, and then I got invited to the White House to interview the president,” Mulvaney bragged, according to Fox News.

“It feels fun to be sexy and love my body for the first time because I’m wearing it for myself and not anyone else,” the transgender influencer asserted.

He plugged Penn State as his new sponsor to those listening.

“Sporting a Penn State jacket, Mulvaney also led those in the audience in the school’s ‘We Are’ chant. However, the event, sponsored by the Penn State Student Programming Association and funded with student fees, drew few attendees,” Fox News added.

Mulvaney’s speech came a week after he made Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30 Social Media” list for being one of the world’s most influential young social media figures.

This is the same forum that nixed a speech by NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines concerning women in sports.

“On October 10, Gaines said she was set to speak at Penn State for what she dubbed as ‘Real Women’s Day.’ However, she insisted on social media that her speech was canceled and posted a 2022 video of school president Neeli Bendapudi stating that the school is ‘bound by the First Amendment’ and must bring in speakers that ‘many will consider controversial,'” Fox News noted.

“No way President of Penn State makes a whole video explaining why public institutions are legally obligated to let ‘bigots’ apparently like me on campus to speak then proceeds to CANCEL my speech tomorrow for real women’s day (X/X),” Gaines wrote on X. “Have it your way. See ya tomorrow with a soap box and megaphone, Penn State!”

Penn State claimed that there was no event headlining Gaines that had been canceled at the school. They said Turning Point USA did not meet the deadline to submit the required reservations for an indoor space and therefore the event was never scheduled.

Gaines clapped back at the school’s statement on X, writing “I mean, do you need confirmation that I was scheduled a room on campus? The cancelation was done after scheduling through Leadership Institute (not campus affiliated group) after TPUSA didn’t meet the deadline. Btw TPUSA DID initially meet the deadline, but the university wouldn’t meet with them until the 30 days prior had passed. I’d be happy to share those communications as well.”

Gaines went on to later attend an outdoor event at the university.

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