Half-naked person spotted behind Dick Morris in LIVE interview

Political commentator Dick Morris made headlines for his recent Newsmax interview and it wasn’t because of his analysis of the Iowa caucus results.

The former adviser to Bill Clinton was deep in his commentary when his video interview was visually interrupted.

Speaking on Newsmax from what was presumably Morris’s home, the author and political consultant seemed oblivious to the head-scratching moment that bewildered and amused viewers.

“Well, I think Trump is going to score a huge victory,” Morris said in the interview.

“I think the media is going to try to downplay it because, as you correctly said…” he continued when suddenly, a door behind him opened, and a person in a white tank and black shorts emerged.

The figure confidently strolled through the room in full view of the camera shot and then walked off-screen, leaving viewers dumbfounded.

Morris never even reacted. Even the Newsmax hosts were silent when the camera segment panned back to them in the studio.

Viewers were left wondering if they had imagined the whole thing.

There have been no further revelations about who the mystery person was, and some even speculated it was a woman.

The late-night gang on Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” were also perplexed, and a bit disturbed.

“The greatest,” host Greg Gutfeld said after playing the clip. “Who knew Dick Morris lives at the YMCA. Hard times, my friends.”

Later in the segment, Kat Timpf said she could not move past the incident and that she “spent almost all day googling for information – I found nothing.”

“This guy on TV walks through and nobody reacts. I mean. Come on! I can’t help but notice, sir, that a man in underwear … just walked by your shot,” she said.

“Do you think this is somebody’s house? Adjoining hotel rooms? Some kind of swingers’ convention?” Gutfeld laughed.

“Because he doesn’t react, and underwear man acts like he’s supposed to be doing that!” Timpf contended. “Like, why wouldn’t I be doing that? Why would I have a shirt on? Why would I have pants on? Why wouldn’t I walk in the shot?”

The questions and reactions continued on X:

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