Hillary Clinton MARRIAGE Announcement – After Years Of Marriage…

Bill and Hillary Clinton have undoubtedly had plenty of marital problems over their more than five-decade marriage, but it’s their “communication” that has reportedly kept them together.

At least, that’s what Hillary thinks as she discussed their history together with her husband, the former president, during his appearance on her iHeart podcast “You and Me Both” on Tuesday from their home in Chappaqua, New York.

After embarrassing public scandals that revealed acts of infidelity by Bill Clinton, (think Monica Lewinsky and possible visits to Epstein Island), the former secretary of state revealed she has “no regrets” about staying in their marriage.

“So welcome to the show, Bill. And I think this is kind of an interesting first, in a way, because we’ve been having conversations big and small about literally everything for over 50 years. But we’ve never done this before where we have sat down to record a conversation, just the two of us,” Hillary said in opening the podcast and noting the couple’s “never-ending conversation.”

After discussion on topics such as immigration, climate change, funding the war in Ukraine, and the political divide in America, the couple turned to themselves.

“You know, as I said, we have carried on a conversation now for more than 50 years. And, you know, part of, I think, the real core of our relationship, our marriage, has been we started a conversation and we never stopped,” Hillary Clinton said.

“Through good times and hard times, through happy times and sad times, it doesn’t mean we don’t get frustrated and upset with the other because that’s human nature. But we always kept talking. You know, I’m not giving relationship advice. Everybody has to find their own way. But I think our ability to keep talking is one of the reasons why we’re still sitting here together,” the failed Democratic presidential nominee added.

“Yeah, I do, too,” her husband concurred.

“I think one of the gifts you get from investing time in somebody over a long time is what you don’t have to say. What you see and know without anybody saying something. You know, there is no perfect handbook for life. You have to figure it out as you go along. And you’ve always got to decide whether whatever commitment you make in whatever way are fulfilling, that the bonds of love and the benefits of love outweigh the burdens and the frustrations. And that’s a decision nobody can make for you,” the 42nd president said.

He expressed his dislike of “hate-based politics,” adding, “I have always believed that we should keep trying to understand one another and keep reaching out to each other.”

“I believe that whether it starts with Hillary and me or anybody else’s family or the children or grandchildren we have, it’s a gift to be alive. It carries burdens, it carries challenges. But I think just remembering that is important,” the former president added.

“I’m actually pretty optimistic. I always have been,” he said “But I have been very worried at this moment in history that our capacity to grow in cooperation and understanding is a little bit in doubt.”

For all the sentimentality the couple offered in the podcast, it seemed social media users were not convinced of their sincerity.

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