Hillary Clinton SPOTTED At Romantic Location – Look Who’s Missing!

The pizzeria where Bill and Hillary Clinton ate on their very first date posted photos of one-half of the famous couple on social media, prompting some to question why it is that the Clintons are rarely seen together in public.

Hillary Clinton posed for photos at Sally’s Apizza, located just a stone’s throw from Yale University, where the Clintons met. But Bill was nowhere to be seen in the photos shared Sunday on Facebook.

The post caption read: “Look who decided to swing by Sally’s! @hillaryclinton in the house, revisiting the place where she and Bill saw sparks flying on their first date. Maybe it was the apizza that sealed the deal?”

“If they had such a good relationship, Bill would have been there with her,” one social media user said.

Another wrote, “Slick willy would have the ‘special sauce’ on his pie!!”

“I wouldn’t let her inside my establishment ever,” one social media user said.

Another person countered, “I am considered a deplorable but I don’t have a problem with her going there! Sally’s is doing the right and decent thing!”

Hillary spoke about her first date during a 2019 appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

The host set up the moment when he mentioned that the two were staring at each other in a Yale library.

“I said if you’re gonna keep staring at me and I’m gonna keep staring back, we ought at least to know each other’s names,” Hillary explained. “I’m Hillary Rodham who are you?”

She said they were in the same class but that she didn’t know Bill because he never attended, opting instead to help a local political campaign.

On the last day of class, Bill suddenly shows up and they start chatting, Hillary said. After Bill accompanied her to register for the following year’s classes, she said they went on a “five-hour date,” and that Bill worked out a deal with a janitor to sneak them into the Yale University Art Gallery, which was closed, in exchange for them picking up the trash on the lawn.

Hillary stressed that she did not kiss Bill on the date, “In those days, we did play a little hard to get.”

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