Holy crap! California to vote on converting TOILET water to tap

In an extreme move to address the climate “crisis” and the state’s infamous water droughts, California may be looking to utilize “toilet to tap” conversions.

In a tentative vote reportedly planned for next week, the California State Water Resources Control Board may vote on a measure that would allow sewage water to be converted into purportedly safe drinking water.

Under the proposed plan, wastewater that is currently treated and released into oceans and rivers, and used for field irrigation, may be “treated at a higher level” and then sent “back into the main water supply over the course of hours to days,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Rarely has the United States’s wastewater gone directly into the drinking water supply, which makes this move in California a landmark regulation,” the outlet noted. “If approved, California sanitation districts hope to start construction in 2025 and begin delivering water by 2032.”

“It really will be some of the highest water quality available,” the water board’s deputy director of drinking water, Darrin Polhemus, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Kirsten Struve, an assistant officer at Santa Clara Valley Water, told the outlet that about a third of the public is not behind the idea at all.

In a news release in July, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California noted that Pure Water Southern California received $80 million from the state to “create a new source of water to benefit 19 million people amid a changing climate and weather whiplash.”

“Pure Water Southern California is a critical 21st century investment in the region’s water future. It will expand the water supply with a climate resilient source and help the entire state respond to hotter, drier conditions,” SWRCB Chair Joaquin Esquivel said at the time.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham and Fox News radio host Jimmy Failla ripped into the “disgusting” plan this week on “The Ingraham Angle.”

“If there is anything that screams WTF, it’s this topic. We have Bill Gates to thank for it,” Ingraham said before playing a clip of Gates telling late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon about the repurposed water.


“California seems to like that idea,” Ingraham noted as she shared the report about the potential vote in California.

Failla was having no part in it, declaring, that” this is disgusting. It is gross.”

“But knowing California, Gavin Newsom will find a way to spin this into a positive. It’s like California has the number one tap water, and the number two,” he joked. “And liberals will be like that’s amazing and Republicans will throw up because we get what they are doing here but it’s very important, just quickly for the viewer to understand, like all climate policies, nobody pushing them is engaging in them.”

“Do you think there is a world where Bill Gates is drinking poop tap water?” he wondered.

“Never,” replied Ingraham.

While the conversion of wastewater into drinkable water is employed in some other countries, a recent contamination issue in Nambia has created a health crisis of sorts. Many of the towns are facing water issues “largely a result of poor sanitation practices and inadequate water treatment facilities,” according to a report earlier this year that said one town’s water “is not fit for human consumption.”

“The drinking water situation in Mariental has been in a dire state for quite a few months now. The council is blaming Namwater and vice versa, but nothing gets done,” an activist named Werner von Watsdorf told the outlet. “In the meantime, the ‘drinking’ water is filthy and dirty.”

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