Hunter Biden MARRIAGE Bombshell – Quiet Decision Reached…

A new report has just dropped about Hunter Biden’s marriage with an insider claiming his it is now only a political tool as scandals continue to mount against him.

The source purportedly claims that all the romance has gone out of his marriage since he has been hit with legal lawsuits over possible crimes. His current wife, Melissa Cohen, is the mother of Beau Biden, Hunter Biden’s three-year-old son, and she is allegedly having serious doubts about their life together.

Hunter Biden is being hit with criminal indictments and is mired in a growing impeachment scandal involving his father. What would be surprising is if his wife wasn’t freaked out over all the impending doom surrounding the Biden clan. And it’s not surprising that the Biden men want her to keep her mouth shut.

RadarOnline is reporting, “According to a sensational report, the first son and his dad, President Joe Biden, have reportedly made muzzling Hunter’s wife Melissa a top priority.”

Cohen is reportedly sick and disgusted with all the legal drama. She’s reportedly “freaked out” over Hunter Biden’s checkered past coming to light. She surely knew what she was getting into when she married the first son and over the last few years has no doubt been subjected to video evidence of his sordid past. But suddenly, she’s outraged over all of it.

She married Hunter Biden six days after meeting him in 2019. She hales from South Africa and “thought she was marrying a prince from a great American family and she’d live a charmed life with him,” according to a source who spoke with the National Enquirer. “But the reality is Hunter’s a train wreck and life with him is very hard behind closed doors.”

“There hasn’t been any romance for quite some time,” the insider added. “It’s become a marriage of convenience. She’s raising their kid while he’s preoccupied with his legal troubles and protecting Joe from getting impeached.”

“While the president has consistently denied any knowledge of his addict son’s alleged cash-for-access schemes, Hunter’s new charges compound Joe’s problems as the 2024 election inches ever closer,” RadarOnline wrote.

Father and son claim the mounting criminal charges against Hunter Biden and the impeachment inquiry against the president are politically motivated. Sources tell RadarOnline that the Biden family is “living inside a pressure cooker” as they hollowly deny wrongdoing, all evidence to the contrary.

“Melissa feels like a POW in her own home — and is disgusted by all of the new revelations about Hunter’s life that come out every day,” the report asserts per RadarOnline. “She’s trapped with a man whose history is unhinged — at best — and feeling like everything she says or does is under tight scrutiny.”

The report goes on to claim that her marriage is “a living nightmare — but she’s a tough cookie.”

“Melissa lived in an orphanage before she was adopted at age three,” the source went on to tell The National Enquirer in an interview. “Believe me, the Bidens are more scared of her than she’ll ever be of them.”

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