Jeffrey Epstein BLACKMAIL Shocker – Fox News Host Goes There!

Jesse Watters at Fox News is asking pointed questions about what intelligence operation billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was running before his suspicious death.

On Tuesday’s airing of “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Watters wondered why, years after Epstein’s death, his flight records haven’t been released and why Senator Marsha Blackburn was the only one calling for them to be produced and examined.

“Why is our government hiding Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs? The FBI, who have the flight logs, surveillance videos, and computers, said they haven’t looked at the case in a while. Director Wray also said today that the FBI isn’t allowed to tell the truth in an election year. They also can’t tell the truth after an election,” Watters asked on X.

“And if you’re wondering if the FBI’s ever going to investigate the Bidens, well it’s only if they go to mass on Sundays,” he darkly quipped.

On his show, Watters went into detail over the refusal to release the flight logs.

“The government has been hiding Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs since he committed suicide four years ago. Fighting international sex trafficking should appeal to everybody, no matter what political party. We care about women and children. We care about law and order,” he stated, using air quotes to emphasize his doubts about the pedophile committing suicide.

“We care about corruption. So when Senator Marsha Blackburn from the great state of Tennessee tried to subpoena the flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein, we were surprised that Senator Dick Durbin from the great state of Illinois was making it difficult. And why hadn’t Dick Durbin subpoenaed the flight logs himself?” Watters asked.

He was far from done broaching the subject during the segment.

“Why hasn’t any politician until Marsha Blackburn tried to find out who flew on the world’s most notorious child sex traffickers plane? Perhaps they have a good explanation for flying on Jeffrey’s jet. Like Bill Clinton, who was on humanitarian missions, we’re told. Are these flight logs being used as blackmail?” Watters bluntly asked.

“What powerful people were on the plane and what kind of intelligence operation was Epstein running? And why would Senator Dick Durbin be running interference for a dead pedophile?” he continued.

Watters went on to excoriate Durbin who has stonewalled and side-stepped requesting the Epstein flight logs seemingly at every turn.

(Video Credit: Senator Marsha Blackburn)

In a parting shot on the subject, Watters wondered since Durbin cares about Israeli children getting raped, why doesn’t he care about American children getting raped? The Fox News host vowed to revisit the subject and not let it go.

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