Jeffrey Epstein “Swap” SUSPECT Targeted Trump – Doctored Evidence!

A Florida man who tried to take control of Jeffrey Epstein’s assets by “swapping” himself out as the rightful owner, created a fake cult to do it.

Not only that, but the Florida suspect even faked a pardon by former President Trump to avoid getting caught.

“A Florida man has been handed a 35-year prison sentence after investigators found that he had attempted to steal millions of dollars in laundered money by forging a fake pardon from former President Donald Trump, then orchestrated a murder-for-hire plot against two of his fraud victims,” The Messenger reported.

“Alexander Leszczynski, 24, attempted to make as much as $10 million through three separate fraud schemes, including at least one connected to the Covid-era Payroll Protection Plan, according to prosecutors,” the outlet added.

The young conman used one of his bogus religious organizations in 2020 to allegedly attempt to take possession of two of sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s former mansions, in Palm Beach and outside of Santa Fe, according to KFOR-TV.

He was also nabbed in March 2021 for allegedly “karate chopping” his mother during a fight. Prosecutors did not press charges over the domestic dispute.

“He also used a fake charity to illegally obtain the deed of a residence in Redington Shores, located about 30 miles outside of Tampa, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. When the homeowners asked to fix the deed, he allegedly bombarded them with ‘harassing letters, emails, and faxes,'” The Messenger wrote.

When he was an inmate at the Pinellas County Jail, Leszczynski went on to allegedly tell an informant that would pay $45,000 to anyone who would take out two victims of his deed fraud that were slated to testify against him.

He claimed that the money to pay for the hit was hidden in his home. He told the informant that he was confident that if the two witnesses were dead, the charges against him would be dropped.

“Rather than referring him to an actual hitman, the informant instead introduced Leszczynski to an undercover agent. Investigators say he gave physical descriptions of both victims and repeatedly asked for them to be killed,” The Messenger recounted.

“After he was caught, he allegedly tried on several occasions to coerce others with handwritten letters into falsely admitting that they had in fact committed the crimes,” the news outlet stated.

Leszczynski also had another con game going that used fake religious organizations with names such as “Love & Bliss” and “King Neptune” to fraudulently apply for COVID Payroll Protection Plan loans worth approximately $200,000.

“He also was involved in a check kiting scheme and tried to deposit $2.7 million in worthless checks into the Love & Bliss business account,” the Tampa Bay Times reported.

He unsuccessfully tried to funnel the money through a number of bank accounts so it couldn’t be traced back to him. The federal government located those funds and froze $337,000 in one of his accounts. At that point, he laughably submitted a fake pardon he claimed came from Trump himself.

The conman pleaded guilty to the murder-for-hire and fraud cases in November 2022. He then turned around and withdrew his plea in the murder-for-hire case but would go on to once again plead guilty in June 2023.

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