Jill Biden DISASTER – “Inappropriate Relationship” Found!

First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary, Michael LaRosa, was forced to resign after it surfaced he was taking male dates to his room on a secure floor of the hotel the president was staying at during a NATO summit in Madrid.

This is just one of the many inappropriate relationships involving Democrat staffers happening on government property.

LaRosa, 40, attempted to take a male date to his room on the floor not once, but twice according to sources. He was stopped by the Secret Service, the Daily Mail reported. The gay couple passed through three security checkpoints before getting stopped at approximately 9 p.m. The Secret Service confirmed the incident happened.

He was accompanying First Lady Jill Biden to the NATO Summit where the president was speaking in Madrid, Spain when this occurred in June 2022. The Daily Mail wrote that this was “part of a pattern of behavior that led to his forced resignation the following month.”

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“He was caught by Secret Service not once, but twice bringing dates to a secure floor, obviously putting the first lady’s safety at risk because you’re not supposed to bring people in who are not fully vetted,” a senior White House staffer told the Daily Mail in an interview.

When LaRosa was asked about the incident, who told the Daily Mail he only brought up one man to his room. He was allegedly a male staffer from another country’s delegation who LaRosa had just met at the conference.

The former press secretary claims he left the White House on good terms and returned to the private sector to work for Ballard Partners, a lobbying firm whose founder was a top fundraiser for former President Trump. According to sources who spoke with the news outlet, a number of his colleagues were glad to see him exit stage left.

“There was a long line of chaotic behavior, outbursts, unreliability, unpredictability, and lack of judgment that went into his last six months before his departure,” one official asserted.

Those colleagues did not speak ill of LaRosa until he started recently criticizing the White House on television and social media.

“Presenting himself as a former high-level staffer with deep knowledge of the inner workings of the Biden administration, he now makes regular appearances as a political commentator on MSNBC and CNN. And he hasn’t been shy about sticking his finger in the eyes of some of his old colleagues as he dissects news of the day,” the Daily Mail noted.

“Current and former White House colleagues say he wasn’t the insider he claims to be, was never given a ‘seat at the table’ at any high-level meetings nor was he empowered to engage in any political strategizing,” the outlet claimed quoting Biden staffers.

His former work associates are now loudly speaking out against LaRosa.

“This whole idea that he was this very senior insider and was like very close to the president or first lady, and focused on the campaign and political strategy, that could not be farther from the truth,” one of them contended.

“He was never allowed into any senior White House strategy meetings and the way he is portraying himself for media, for Twitter, for clicks, whatever, it’s not just an eye roll. It’s truly wrong and it’s annoying to me personally,” the source flatly stated.

Half a dozen of LaRosa’s White House colleagues blabbed to the Daily Mail that he would just disappear for hours from work. He would miss calls and meetings as well. They also accused him of leaking information to the media.

The incident in Spain wasn’t the only one, evidently. There was another incident in Ukraine.

“He tipped off reporters to the off-the-record movement into Ukraine, before it was announced, putting the entire trip, operation, staff, first lady’s security at risk,” a White House official told the outlet. “He admitted afterward that he had tipped them off.”

According to the sources, he was somewhat unhinged.

“There were frequent times when he would storm out of meetings and call everybody f***ing ridiculous, and things like that,” a source claimed. “He was talked to about his behavior and told you can’t yell at colleagues, that you have to modulate your temper.”

“The real broader problems started to come toward the end of his tenure when he would randomly snap at people including junior staff,” another staffer charged. “It was clear that he was not happy, and I think he took that out on others, and it made for him not being a great colleague toward the end.”

The former press secretary denies all of it. The Spain incident allegedly was what eventually got LaRosa forced out the door but he claims he decided to leave on his own because he got a job offer.

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All that aside, LaRosa claims the story is coming out now because he was critical of the Biden administration.

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