Joe Biden’s SECRET TROVE Found – Investigators Release It!

Judicial Watch, the relentless watchdog group that, in 2016, exposed Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server scandal, has received from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) 426 pages of records revealing 210 emails in which then-Vice President Joe Biden used an alias to correspond with family members, including his son Hunter and brother James.

Also buried in the documents is the news that “Joe Biden signed off on the cessation of Secret Service protection for Hunter Biden and Beau Biden’s daughter Natalie during an August 2016 trip to Kosovo,” Judicial Watch reports. “… The emails also show that Hunter and Jim Biden accompanied Joe Biden on taxpayer-funded trips; and then-Vice President Biden in December 2009 emailing an aide after he forgot the password to his West Wing computer.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton called the revelations “HUGE,” saying, they were “all uncovered by [Judicial Watch’s] heavy lifting lawsuit.”

As vice president, Biden used in some of the emails the alias “[email protected]” when discussing his schedule with Hunter, James, and his assistants. Hunter used “[email protected]” from his now-defunct Rosemont Seneca Partners firm, and James used “[email protected]” which was “tied to his consulting firm Lion Hall, which had been the subject of an FBI bribery investigation in the 1990s,” according to Judicial Watch.

On August 18, 2016, Hunter, using his Rosemont email, wrote to Secret Service Assistant Director of the Office of Investigations Jeremy Sherida about a trip to Kosovo.

“Thank you,” the email read. “Both the Vice President and I sign off on the agreed upon requested interruption in protection for Natalie and Hunter.”

The interruption in protection was from August 18 to August 22, 2016, during their trip to Kosovo and was to resume up their return to Washington, D.C., on August 22, 2016,” Judicial Watch reports. “The Biden family was in Kosovo where the country erected a statue of and named a highway after Beau Biden. It is not known where Hunter Biden and Natalie Biden went without their Secret Service detail.”

Hardly earth-shattering, the majority of the emails to the Biden family appear to be little more than poll results, travel plans, and articles in the press and not the stuff that would require an email from Joe’s official government email address.

For example, Judicial Watch reports:

An email from Joe Biden dated December 27, 2012, titled “Interesting.” The email is addressed to Beau Biden, Hunter Biden, Howard (redacted), Valerie Biden, Ashley (Redacted); Missy (Redacted); and Michael Donilon. The email contained a link to a poll taken by CNN regarding Vice President Biden’s job performance.

An email from Joe Biden dated May 6, 2011, is titled “The Employment Situation In April.” The email is addressed to Beau Biden, Hunter Biden, James Biden, Bobbi J., Bruce N. Reed, JACK (redacted), and Jared Bernstein. The email states, “I thought you would find this interesting” and provides a link to a press release.

An email from Joe Biden dated February 22, 2011, titled “NY Times: Why Cuts Don’t Bring Prosperity.” The email is addressed to Ted (Redacted), Thomas E. Donilon, Antony Blinken, Beau Biden, Hunter Biden, James Biden, Elizabeth Alexander, Allan L. Hoffman, Ted Kaufman, Terrell McSweeny, Matthew S. Teper, Mike Donilon, Cynthia Hogan, Ron Klain, Evan M. Ryan, Bruce N. Reed, and Terrell P. McSweeny. The email provides a link to a NY Times article.

“Most famous people use aliases,” one user on X told Fitton. “I’ll bet you use at least one.”

But many saw the trove of documents as more proof of the Biden family’s corruption.


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