Judge Jeanine REMOVED – Fox News Drops The Hammer!

Former CNN host Brian Stelter is claiming that Judge Jeanine Pirro was demoted at Fox News by being moved to “the number one show in cable news that’s on 5 nights a week.”

Stelter is making the claim in his new book, Network of Lies: The Epic Saga of Fox News, Donald Trump, and the Battle for American Democracy, which he is evidently shopping around to all the leftist news outlets out there.

The unfounded rumor he is promoting seems to be that Fox News punished Pirro by canceling her show and moving her to “The Five” after statements she made concerning the 2020 election being rigged. The book asserts it was meant to be a “demotion.”

The book also claims that her own executive producer described her as a “reckless maniac.”

Stelter gave his salacious book to The Daily Beast who ran a section of it in its “Confider” newsletter on Monday. Considering Stelter was not at Fox News, it’s hard to tell exactly how he knows with any certainty that Pirro had a rocky relationship with Fox News management. But he’s using the assertion to hawk the book every way he can.

The former CNN talking head is claiming that two unnamed sources told him that “Pirro was a problem” because of her “stubborn, slavish Trumpiness,” and that she had “clashed with Fox execs who’d grown tired of her histrionic shenanigans.”

Stelter went on to write that she allegedly accused Fox News management of “censorship” when they suggested edits to the opening monologues of her weekend show “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

He seems to indicate in his book that after contending that the 2020 election was rigged, Pirro became a liability to Fox News and that is why they axed her show. Stelter says that one of his sources said “nobody wanted to deal with her.”

At that point, Pirro was allegedly “demoted” to “The Five.” His spin on it is that Fox News wanted to keep her but didn’t want her writing monologues or choosing her own guests.

The so-called “demotion” to “The Five” got Pirro a much larger viewership, so the claim about punishment seems a bit of a stretch.

Stelter stated in his book that “it was pointed out to me that The Five is not the cushiest job for a seventy-something former prosecutor to hold. Pirro was now in the studio five days a week and sharing the
stage with the likes of the grandstanding Jesse Watters. Solo-hosting once a week was definitely easier for her — but harder on the managers and lawyers.”

Mediaite spoke with their own source over Stelter’s claims who told the outlet that the demotion claim was bogus, stating, “You don’t get demoted to the number one show in cable news that’s on 5 nights a week.”

The Daily Beast wrote that Pirro “failed her way up into a coveted seat on the most-watched cable news show in America.”

Stelter also smears Tucker Carlson in his book and there have been accusations of plagiarism to boot.

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