Kamala Harris Hints BIG SHAKEUP – New World Order Push…

Vice President Kamala Harris is desperate to put an international astronaut on the moon in order to help boost the global fight against climate change.

“Harris announced Wednesday that an international astronaut will be landing on the surface of the moon as part of NASA’s Artemis program,” according to CNN.

“While the United States had previously committed to flying international astronauts around the moon on future Artemis missions, today’s announcement takes that commitment a step further by allowing one of them to actually walk on the surface of the moon — thereby joining an elite club that thus far has only 12 members,” CNN reported on Wednesday.

While this may sound standard fare, it’s what Harris said when announcing the operation from the White House Briefing Room that has folks troubled.

Listen to the relevant remarks below:

“Today, I will discuss three priorities for space: tackling the climate crisis, establishing new international rules and norms, and advancing human space exploration,” she began.

“On the issue of the climate crisis, earlier this month, I was with many of you where I represented the United States at COP28. There, I declared nations must work together with more ambition and urgency to protect our world from climate disaster and to advance climate action,” she continued.

Turning to space, she then added, “Here, I will add that, to that end, we must also work together in space.”

Eventually turning specifically to the Artemis program, she announced, “Today, in recognition of the essential role that our allies and partners play in the Artemis program, I am proud, then, to announce that alongside American astronauts, we intend to land an international astronaut on the surface of the moon by the end of the decade.”

It appears therefore that she’s pursuing space globalism …

The so-called “experts” say this is a good thing.

“Adding the international astronaut could improve how the U.S. and partners work together in space, and enhance how they ‘deconflict or resolve unintended interference,'” Politico reported, quoting from Benjamin Silverstein, an independent space analyst.

Members of the public appear, for their part, to view things far more cynically.


Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. also commented on the matter, tweeting, “Is this buffoon serious? Her definition of ‘international’ is [a] dog whistle for the first black lesbian or white transgender male to plant a rainbow flag on the moon. These people have lost their f*ckin’ minds.”

He’s not the only one who’s interpreted her remarks about an “international astronaut” as a call for more “diversity” and “inclusion” in space.

All this comes as President Joe Biden is facing increasing heat for skipping this year’s 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28).

Indeed, this week the college outreach arm of the Democrat National Committee reportedly penned a letter to the president complaining about his “indifference” toward climate change.

“With every waking moment of indifference in regards to the issue of climate change, we sink progressively deeper into a global environmental crisis,” the group wrote, according to The Hill.

“Its impacts, ranging from rising sea levels, unprecedented climate shifts, increased frequency of natural disasters, and worsening of air and water quality, have placed the planet that young people are destined to inherit in jeopardy,” they added.

Young, college-aged Americans are also upset with the president for approving the Willow Project in Alaska and the acceleration of gas exports to Europe.

“The United States can’t preach temperance from a bar stool, and right now, America is drunk on oil and gas production and exports,” Democrat Sen. Ed Markey reportedly wrote in a separate letter last week.

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