Kamala Harris KICKED OUT – White House Report Drops!

With the 2024 presidential election approaching fast, President Biden and key aides are quietly kicking Vice President Kamala Harris to the curb, shutting her out of big decisions and giving the vapid veep the cold shoulder, according to a damning new biography.

“Amateur Hour: Kamala Harris in the White House,” written by political journalist Charlie Spiering, reveals the disdain those in the White House have for Harris.

The Bidens haven’t even hosted a family dinner for Harris and “second husband” Doug Emhoff, “and the president has reneged on his promise to have weekly lunches with his No. 2,” the book notes, according to the Washington Examiner, for whom Spiering has reported.

Harris’s approach to office management is so abrasive that sandpaper-soft press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and other top White House aides initially opted for less prestigious jobs within Biden’s administration to escape her.

Three attempts by Team Biden to prop up his vice president have failed, Spiering states.

“Vice President Kamala Harris is still in the same place despite multiple attempts at narrative resets and on-the-job training,” writes Spiering.

The author was “surprised” to discover how Democrats really feel about the first female person of color to be named VP.

“Washington, D.C., is cruel. Once you are found unworthy, there is little you can do to change people’s minds,” Spiering writes. “In my time spent reporting for this book, I was surprised to learn how few Democrats even like Harris, let alone respect her — unless they are personally invested in her success.”

“Mistakes compounded on mistakes only cemented her reputation and there is little room for sympathy when you reach that level of power,” he adds. “There’s plenty of negative chatter behind the scenes, but few dare speak publicly, for fear of being branded a racist or a sexist.”

If Biden thought that Harris, a former California senator, could give him a leg up in legislative fights in the chamber, he was mistaken, according to Spiering. She was allegedly too busy trying to use the office to launch her own presidential run to build any credibility among her colleagues.

“The idea that Harris was going to use her powers of persuasion to help get Biden’s agenda through Congress was a joke to Biden’s team,” Spiering wrote, adding that any Congressional wins Biden has had were won “despite Harris, not because of her.”

First lady Jill Biden didn’t want her hazy hubby to pick Harris as his running mate, Spiering reveals. Dr. Jill was hoping Biden would instead pick former Obama national security aide Susan Rice.

A disappointed POTUS, meanwhile, was hoping Harris would be his “buddy.”

“When they started, Harris and Biden appeared eager to demonstrate the beginning of a buddy relationship. Biden wanted someone he could work with, joke with, and bounce ideas off of, just as he believed that he and Obama had,” Spiering writes.

Rather than exchanging friendship bracelets, “Harris was essentially frozen out from the president’s inner circle,” according to Spiering.

“Biden and his team had already achieved their goal of winning, using Harris’s identity to ‘make history’ and inspire voters to pull the aging presidential hopeful across the finish line,” he explains. “But when they took office, Harris was sidelined. Despite Biden’s promise to make Harris a full partner in everything, Harris began the job literally standing behind Biden.”

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