Melania Trump AIRPLANE Interruption – Photos Released…

During an Iowa speech from former President Donald Trump, a plane flew overhead with a banner attempting to troll him and former First Lady Melania Trump.

“On Tuesday, Trump held another rally in Waterloo, an Iowa city roughly 110 miles northeast of Des Moines. During the event, multiple reporters on the scene noted at one point that a plane flew overhead carrying behind it a banner with a message aimed at Melania Trump: ‘Melania knows,'” Newsweek reported.

It’s not entirely clear what the banner actually meant. However, it appeared to be an act meant to heckle the former president and disrupt his rally. It’s not the first time a plane with a banner in Iowa has targeted the former president using his wife.

“While the banner seemed to imply that the former first lady had some special behind-the-scenes knowledge of her husband’s doings, most likely of a darker nature, there is otherwise no concrete indication of what the message was specifically referring to,” Newsweek added.

During a September rally for Trump in Iowa, another airplane flew over the Jack Trice Stadium just hours before Trump arrived, asking, “Where’s Melania?”

It’s unknown who is behind the targeting of Melania Trump and the former president. Trump is somewhere between 35 and 40 points ahead of his nearest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, for the nomination. Leftists, however, quickly jumped on the incident and mocked the frontrunner.

The Lincoln Project, which is rabidly anti-Trump, invited followers on X to guess at the meaning of the message, asking tongue-in-cheek, “Any idea what she knows?”

The Never-Trump group sneered, “Maybe Melania knew Colorado’s ruling was coming.”

That’s a reference to the Colorado Supreme Court striking Trump from the 2024 presidential ballot in the state. That move will no doubt immediately come before the Supreme Court as many conservatives assert it is blatantly unconstitutional.

Other reactions to the tweet were exactly what you would expect them to be with a number attempting to tie Trump to the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Others claimed that Melania Trump doesn’t know why she’s still married to Trump, while others tried to put forth accusations of infidelity. None of that is new and all of it is par for the course for The Lincoln Project and its followers.

Iowa is pivotal for the Republican nomination although not vital. DeSantis has been endorsed by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and by religious leader Bob Vander Plaats. But Trump still packs in those supporting him and could very well carry the state.

The former president hasn’t let the neverending indictments and legal attacks by the left slow him down either. In fact, he’s making bank off of it.

“Elsewhere at the rally, it was reported that Trump was selling numerous Christmas-themed products featuring the mugshot taken of him after he surrendered to authorities in his Georgia election subversion case. Trump has denied all wrongdoing in the case and claimed that it is an attempt to hurt his 2024 political chances,” Newsweek noted.

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