Melania Trump LOOPHOLE Found – This Could Save Trump!

Former first lady Melania Trump may be able to come to the rescue of her husband and wrest back control of his real estate assets in New York due to a loophole in the law.

A judge in New York recently stripped former President Trump and his sons from controlling some of the Trump families’ most valuable real estate assets. But, according to a report, Melania Trump was not mentioned in the new legal requirements which theoretically leaves the door open for her to take control of the properties.

“This week’s sweeping ruling against Donald, his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, and the Trump Organization has put the Trump family at risk of losing the New York real estate empire that Donald built over decades. Tuesday’s decision from New York Justice Arthur Engoron stripped the Trumps of control over some of their signature properties that helped create the former president’s early image,” Newsweek reported.

“Finding that the Trump Organization submitted financial statements that ‘clearly contain fraudulent valuations that defendants used in business,’ Engoron canceled the business certificates that the company uses for several properties in New York state. And if Trump is eventually barred from operating business in the state, he’d likely have to transfer or sell his New York portfolio,” the media outlet continued.

Legal experts are now pointing out that Melania Trump or Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka, who are both not part of the New York case or subject to the judge’s ruling, could step in and take control of the former president’s real estate assets in the state.

New York University law professor Marcel Kahan told The Washington Post in an interview that Trump will “almost certainly” sell off his New York properties.

But he also pointed out that “He could have a company that is owned by Ivanka, or other members of his family. They are not subject to this order.”

“Look, Trump can just transfer all his properties and businesses in NY to Melania. Problem solved,” leftist attorney Ron Filipkowski wrote on X Tuesday. “I’m sure he can trust her because she really loves him unconditionally.”

Although that was said in a snarky, vicious manner, the fact is that Trump could do exactly that. Probably not to hold onto the properties indefinitely, but to buy time to transfer them out of state or liquidate them. Despite the court ruling against the former president, the properties still belong to him and are his to dispose of one way or the other, not New York’s.

“Trump could also transfer his New York properties to Ivanka, who was originally named as a defendant in the case, but later called as a witness in the case against her father and his company. It remains unclear whether her role in the case was settled by Tuesday’s ruling or if her testimony was used for remaining parts of the case,” Newsweek noted, putting Ivanka Trump’s position in doubt concerning the properties.

While the left is salivating over Melania Trump renegotiating her prenup with her husband, she has done so several times before. This time it was reportedly to ensure that their son, Barron Trump, receives more money, not because there is a marital split.

The left is committing massive lawfare against Trump in an attempt to take him down and keep him from running for the presidency in 2024. He has been hit with four indictments so far, a defamation case, and a civil case. And there are probably more on the way, all at a massive cost.

“Trump may be broke by the time the presidential election is over,” former federal prosecutor and President of West Coast Trial Lawyers Neama Rahmani told Newsweek in an interview.

“He lost his defamation case to Jean Carroll and will have to pay more damages for defaming her again. He’s already been found liable in the New York civil fraud case, lost his New York business license and has to dissolve his companies, and may get hit with a judgment of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars,” he stated.

“He’s spending tens of millions of dollars to defend himself in four separate criminal cases, and the trials haven’t even started yet. Trump has been a fundraising machine, but that well will dry up if he loses the election again,” the attorney gleefully added.

“It’s not surprising that Melania and Ivanka and protecting themselves and separating their money from the former president. Of course, his creditors may argue that those transfers are fraudulent and designed to avoid paying Trump’s debt if Trump is ever unable to do so himself,” Rahmani remarked.

However, many conservatives are contributing legal funds to Trump and he’s a fighter. Once again, the left is almost certainly going to have to live with disappointment when it comes to their witch hunt against the former president.

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