Melania Trump VICTIM Of Vile Attack – Look Who Was Behind It

“Crying” Jimmy Kimmel proved long ago there are few limits on how low he’ll go to draw attention to himself, but his effort on Tuesday equating former first lady Melania Trump to human waste may set a new standard for degradation.

As usual, Kimmel was consumed with pleasing his liberal audience serving up a heaping helping of Trump Derangement Syndrome, commenting on a report this week that the former president’s social media platform Truth Social was experiencing significant losses

“According to a new disclosure from a company Truth Social is trying to merge with, Trump’s imaginary social media platform Truth Social has lost $73 million dollars since it launched,” Kimmel said. “Which means it is Donald Trump’s number one most successful company yet.”

“They say that Truth Social has lost so much money, they might have to start calling it ‘Twitter,’” the late-night host added, getting in a shot at another popular target for the hard left, Elon Musk, who dares to take a stand for free speech.

Going for a trifecta, Kimmel then set his sights on Melania Trump.

“Even Melania hasn’t posted in 2 months. Melania Trump’s whereabouts are currently unknown,” he proclaimed. “But we are getting details about her life in the White House, thanks to an interview in The Washington Post with her former advisor, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.”

“Remember how it took months for Melania to move to Washington after Trump got elected? That’s because she refused to move in until they installed a new toilet,” Kimmel claimed. “Apparently, she wanted to make sure the toilet was large enough to flush herself down.”

He then ran a faux ad about a new Melania fragrance titled, “Help.”

Kimmel would prove on Thursday’s show that there’s no such thing as a cheap laugh when he reveled in getting his facts wrong about Truth Social’s financial woes.

Showing off a letter he claimed Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) sent demanding an apology for a “false and defamatory statement,” he noted. “According to their filing with the FCC, Truth Social lost $31.6 million since its launch.”

“In other words, in fairness, Truth Social isn’t a colossal failure it’s only an abysmal failure,” Kimmel quipped, prompting laughter — canned or not — from his easily amused audience.

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