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Former first lady Michelle Obama delivered a reality check to those who view her marriage to former President Barack Obama as “hashtag couple goals.”

Every marriage, including her own, has “some broken things,” Obama revealed in an interview on Jay Shetty’s “On Purpose” podcast that was released on Monday.

The couple who met at a Chicago law firm has been married for 31 years and have two daughters, but Mrs. Obama doesn’t want people to get the impression their life has been idyllic, especially with eight years in the White House under daily public scrutiny.

“I don’t want people looking at me and Barack like ‘hashtag couples goals’ and not know that there’s some broken things that happen, even in the best of marriages,” she said on the podcast.

“By not knowing you [will] hit in your relationship some natural, understandable rough patches … you want to quit,” Obama explained. “And it’s like, ‘Oh no, no, no. That’s not quit-worthy. That’s just the nature of things.’”

“Oh, you’re mad at your partner for a year and you think the marriage is over? No, you’re gonna have decades,” she added.

While acknowledging some instances make marriages “quit-worthy,” Obama went on to say there are also many opportunities to “learn from it” instead of giving up.

“That’s what sustaining a relationship is,” she said. “It’s the choice to figure it out. Not to quit when it gets hard.”

She also explained how she has not made her husband responsible for her happiness.

“I know how to talk to him about it and when because we’ve practiced it. We’ve made a lot of mistakes. We’ve gotten it wrong. And after 31 years, we’re getting better at it, and it gets better and better,” the former first lady added.

“Of course, it’s gonna be hard,” she said. “But I wouldn’t trade in my marriage for anything in the world

Watch the full podcast in the video below:

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