Michelle Obama PHOTOS Were Doctored – They’re All Fake!

The world demanded photos of former first lady Michelle Obama pregnant, and, last week, it got them… sort of.

For years now, conspiracy theorists have insisted that Michelle is a biological man.

Internet sleuths pointed to a clip of comedian Joan Rivers taken shortly before her death, who dryly declared that “Michelle is a tranny.”

She’s “a transgender,” Rivers said. “We all know it.”

Rivers’ comments took on a new life in June, when Tucker Carlson, in his second episode of what was then known as “Tucker on Twitter” stated, “By 2008, it was obvious to anybody who was paying attention that Barack Obama had a strange and highly creepy personal life, yet nobody ever asked him about it.”

“By that point, a leader’s behavior within his own marriage, the core relationship of his life, had been declared irrelevant,” Carlson said. “It was Barack Obama’s business, not yours.”

If only Michelle would produce some pictures of her actually pregnant with daughters Sasha and Malia, the internet roared, the entire salacious matter could finally be put to rest.

Well, ask and you shall receive… -ish.

“BREAKING: Michelle Obama silences ALL conspiracy theorists and demands a universal apology after FINALLY releasing glowing pregnancy photos when she was expecting Sasha and Malia,” one user on X proclaimed.

Along with the caption were four photos of Michelle looking as though her water was about to break, her hands lovingly resting on her very pregnant belly.

More surprising to many than the images of Michelle Obama pregnant was the fact that she apparently has six fingers.

Others wondered why she appeared to be over 50 years old in the shots.

“Probably the worst photoshopped images I’ve ever seen,” stated one user on X.

Sure enough, Snopes took a look at the clearly manipulated images and determined that they are “fake,” though it stopped short of saying that Michelle is really a man.

“This theory, like many others, lacks any credible evidence,” Snopes stated. “Michelle Obama has revealed that her daughters were conceived via IVF, but one of the roots of that conspiracy theory was the allegation that no pictures exist of her when she was pregnant with either Sasha or Malia.”

Still, the outlet admitted, “Although we cannot confirm that no pictures identified as such exist, or are available to the public, our efforts to find them using open-source tools have so far been unsuccessful.”

Snopes pointed to the extra digit and Michelle’s “clearly deformed” face and confirmed the photos “bore telltale signs of being generated by artificial intelligence (AI).”

That hasn’t stopped social media users from having a lot of snarky fun with them and, in doing so, once again fueling the “Michelle is a man” fires.

“These FAKE AI images are the closest thing we’ll ever see to real pictures of ‘Michelle’ Obama pregnant,” wrote one user on X


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