MOAB J6 footage could change EVERYTHING

It’s been more than three years since pipe bombs were discovered outside the RNC and DNC headquarters on January 6, and disturbing details allegedly implicating government officials are now emerging.

While the Biden administration has been arresting more than 1,200 people in connection with the “unarmed insurrection” at the Capitol, the FBI “can’t find any information about the person or people who planted two pipe bombs outside the RNC and the DNC the night before,” Tucker Carlson stated in an explosive “Uncensored” interview with Revolver News’s Darren Beattie. “That’s amazing.”

Carlson played “the FBI’s version of what happened with the bombs.”

The Bureau released video of the suspected bomber and confirmed that the improvised devices “could kill.”

“These pipe bombs were viable devices that could have been detonated, resulting in serious injury or death,” the feds said.

“A few months ago,” Carlson said, “Capitol police quietly released new surveillance video from the moment, showing the moment that one of the bombs was discovered. And that video, if you watch it carefully and apply common sense to it, raises some very disturbing questions about what this was all about.”

Beattie joined Carlson to discuss the newly released video, which was, he said, “extremely reluctantly by the Capitol Police, thanks to the efforts of Congressman [Thomas] Massie [R-Ky.].”

What the “remarkable” video, Beattie said, “depicts is the discovery of the DNC bomb at approximately 1:05 p.m. on January 6th, and if you followed the timestamps closely, you can see this guy in a backpack come into frame at around 1:05.”

The man in question — the person who discovered the DNC pipe bomb just feet away under a park bench — first approaches the driver’s side of a Metro Police vehicle and talks to the person in the driver’s seat and then moves to the other side of the car and chats with the passenger. Neither appear concerned with the discovery.

The person with the backpack then approaches the vehicle of the car parked next to Metro PD — a Secret Service SUV — and calmly talks with the agents in that vehicle. Secret Service was present to protect then-Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, who was inside the DNC building.

Again, no alarms appear to have been raised.

“What the individual in the backpack is doing is alerting the Metro PD and the Secret Service of the fact that there is a pipe bomb just feet away that was planted by the park bench outside of the DNC,” Beattie explained. “Now for those watching this video — and everyone has to watch this video to follow along — the first thing that will strike you as remarkable is just how utterly unconcerned both the Metro PD and the Secret Service are about being informed that there was a pipe bomb, literally within feet of them and within feet of their protectee who was VP-Elect Kamala Harris.”

“You’ll notice if you watch from approximately 107 to 109 in the timestamp. Utterly lackadaisical, utterly unconcerned,” he said. “Takes them minutes to even get out of their vehicles, at which point they’re just kind of lingering around, uninterested. Unconcerned.”

In a moment captured on the video that Beattie said was “enough to be a national scandal and blow up in this investigation, with severity,” a group of school children are allowed by the police and Secret Service to cross the street and walk “within feet of the park benches where the pipe bomb was planted.”

“The Secret Service agent as well, is walking right with the children within feet of this bomb,” an incredulous Beattie told Carlson.

Roughly a minute later, he continued, “a Capitol Police officer walks even closer to the bomb, takes a picture of it, gives a thumbs up sign, [and] leaves, after which point the Metro PD car, the Secret Service car leave and then the video is over.”

Citing “very reputable sources who have seen the extended video,” Beattie reported that “a bomb-safe robot” appeared on the scene minutes later to “dismantle and defuse” the device.

“Now people listening to this are probably asking themselves, ‘First of all, why the unconcern from the Secret Service and the Metro PD? Unconcerned for themselves. Unconcerned for their protectee, Kamala Harris. Unconcerned for the children that they cavalierly allowed to walk within feet of this explosive device,'” Beattie said. “And that concern, juxtaposed and contrasted with the fact that they needed a bomb-safe robot to diffuse this pipe bomb, this alleged pipe bomb.”

“So those are the facts that are illustrated incontrovertibly, in this video, and that, I think, as a self-contained analysis, are sufficient to be a national scandal,” he stated, adding, “it gets far worse when we contextualize this information in light of the history of our reporting on the pipe bombs.”

The person who “alerted Metro PD, Washington, DC, local cops and Secret Service to the presence of the bomb” hasn’t been identified “due to the inexplicably poor quality of their surveillance video,” Beattie said.

The video Massie got released has “profoundly better picture quality,” he said.

“One wonders why the FBI, for the purposes of its public relations, relied almost exclusively on surveillance footage that comes from the DNC that has such poor quality, you couldn’t even use facial recognition on it because the face is just a nothing,” Beattie said.

“[I]t’s very clear that there is zero interest really in getting to the bottom of who this is,” he stated. “And I guess on its surface level, it’s strange that the DNC is uninterested.”

“You would think that of all institutions, the DNC would be interested in covering the identity of the person –allegedly, this MAGA terrorist who planted an explosive device right outside of their national headquarters,” Beattie noted, “and yet they seem to be the least interested all the way up to the fact that Kamala Harris, the vice president, has for some reason forgone the opportunity of milking politically the fact that she was at the DNC while the pipe bomb was there.”

The timing of the discovery of the two pipe bombs is suspect, he said.

“The surveillance footage does not reveal anything consistent with the idea that there was some kind of commotion or aggressive search going on that could have plausibly led to the discovery of the DNC bomb after the RNC one was found. It was total nonchalance, nothing going on that would be consistent with that,” Beattie explained. “And so if we don’t have this story that okay, the RNC one was discovered and for some reason they assume there must be one at the DNC, which would be a bizarre leap of logic to begin with, but that we see that there was no concern, no commotion, no urgency whatsoever at the DNC. That leaves us with yet another remarkable coincidence that the DNC bomb just happened to be discovered within that narrow, 15-minute time frame of the discovery of the RNC bomb, after sitting out there for 17 hours.”

He also noted the “synchronicity” in the discovery of the RNC pipe bomb by a “random pedestrian.”

“We have a near exact perfect synchronicity between the discovery of this RNC bomb, the certification proceeding, and that initial, decisive attack on the west perimeter of the Capitol,” he said. “This was such perfect synchronization.”

Had the bombs been discovered any earlier, security would have been beefed up at the Capitol.

On X, users — including Elon Musk — were shocked by the damning report.

“Feds planted the pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC headquarters on J5. They fabricated the whole J6 hoax after all,” one user fumed. “Are we really supposed to believe that the FBI that tracked down thousands of peaceful J6 protestors can’t find the one guy caught on video planting the pipe bombs?”

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