Motorcade DISASTER – Authorities Called In!

Running all the way to the top, Chicago’s mayor was caught up in the city’s criminality as an order was issued to seize vehicles from his motorcade.

In little over seven months time, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) was able to do what some of his predecessors hadn’t achieved in the entirety of four-year terms. According to a report from CWB Chicago, rising crime extended to the Windy City executive’s motorcade said to have collected more than 20 citations since his May 15 inauguration.

A Dec. 20 report detailed, “The city of Chicago has issued seizure orders for two SUVs that shuttle Mayor Brandon Johnson around town because no one has paid a growing pile of speeding and red light camera tickets issued to the vehicles.”

Specifically, “Four SUVs dedicated to Johnson have collected 21 citations and one warning since he became mayor seven months ago.”

Just before Christmas, “the unpaid fines and penalties [totaled] $2,130.”

Prior to Johnson’s tenure, former Mayors Rahm Emanuel and Lori Lightfoot hadn’t accumulated as many fines in one term’s time, nor had Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.

Details of the seizures of half the vehicles used to shuttle him around came just after Hizzoner decried another executive for not abiding by a vehicular ordinance that had been issued to slow the influx of illegal aliens into the metropolitan area.

Earlier in December, Johnson had issued an ordinance against busing the so-called “asylum seekers” from the southern border into Chicago and had followed through with impounding buses in violation. “What I have said from the very beginning is we have to create some structure, some order, some calm to this crisis, and my leadership has done just that,” he had said after the passage of the measure that restricted chartered buses that did not possess authorization from the Chicago Department of Transportation.

Reacting to the mayor’s hypocrisy, Illinois State Rep. Blaine Wilhour (R) told Cities 92.9’s “The Center Square,” “It’s a typical, liberal, elitist deal. They think they’re above the law.”

“These people have lacked any sort of accountability for so long they just do whatever they want,” he went on. “If you’re an elite elected official, especially a Democrat elected official in the state of Illinois, you can get away with whatever you want because there’s no one there to hold you accountable.”

CWB Chicago further indicated that, of the 21 citations, only two had been paid in the months since Johnson took over, and his penalty sum did not account for a holdover ticket from the Lightfoot administration that, with penalties, had climbed to $244.

The history of lacking accountability extended back to Emanuel as well who, after paying initial speeding tickets and red light violations out of his own pocket, transferred responsibility to Chicago police officers operating his motorcade.

Wilhour did not hold on to hope that voters would remember the violations when it came time to return to the ballot box. “Unfortunately a lot of times they don’t. This is the kind of stuff you’re going to continue to see until voters and citizens step up and say ‘enough is enough.'”

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