Nancy Pelosi SABOTAGE Plot – “Quiet Removal” Reportedly Underway…

One of former President Trump’s co-defendants shared a report online that suggests Nancy Pelosi is quietly preparing to “get rid” of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Although liberal news outlets like Newsweek try to paint this as a whacky theory, there might be something to it. Pelosi has gotten closer to Gavin Newsom recently, suggesting something is happening.

Chicago publicist Trevian Kutti, who is a co-defendant in Trump’s Georgia election fraud case, allegedly said in late November that she believes Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is planning to off Vice President Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) to make way for California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom to be president.

“The wild conspiracy theory was shared by Kutti during an Instagram livestream in late November, according to a report by the progressive media outlet Meidastouch. The Chicago-based publicist, who previously worked with musicians such as R. Kelly and Kanye West, has been accused by Fulton County prosecutors of pressuring county election workers in 2021 to confess to Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud in Georgia,” according to Newsweek.

“…I basically said Joe Biden would not be running for president. Gavin Newsom would be replacing him and for a, I’m going to give ya’ll this theory, ok? So, the fact of the matter is this. You cannot keep Black women voters, Black women Democrat voters and not give Kamala Harris a shot at the presidency,” Kutti said on her livestream, according to leftist outlet Meidastouch.

“So right now, what is going to have to happen? They’re going to have to dupe Kamala off some kind of way. I still think it’s going to be Nancy Pelosi that assassinates her and blames it on a white supremacist because she basically got a hold of that body cam of Nancy, because Nancy is the one behind that door. Everyone’s on some bullshit. Nancy is the one behind that door,” the media site reported.

“Ya’ll look at that video once again. Somebody else is opening that door slowly while her husband is getting knocked in the head. Ok? But this is, again, I think you cannot keep Black Democrat women voters happy and not give Kamala a shot at the presidency. So how they gonna get rid of Kamala? How they going to do it? How they going to do it? Tell me how they going to do it. Somebody going to have to knock her out. Something going to have to happen for Gavin to get, for them to put who they want, who they actual think will be electable,” Meidastouch reported, quoting Kutti.

The outlet went on to give more of Kutti’s alleged statement, “Tell me how ya’ll think they going to deal with that Kamala situation because I think they gonna kill her. I really do because and then they’re going to blame it on a white supremacist and that’s the only way they can get Black people to rally around the Democrat Party again because Black people rocking with Trump right now, for real.”

The transcript of the Instagram live video provided by Meidastouch could not be verified by Newsweek. However, on November 30 on X, Kutti appeared to repeat certain aspects of the purported conspiracy theory.

“Biden will become incapacitated. Newsome will be the nominee,” she wrote on X. “To keep black democrats namely black women at bay for Newsome, Dems (Pelosi) will assassinate Kamala and blame a white supremacist. BOOM! Black Americans will be angry and Democrats get the black vote back.”

“Later on in the Instagram Live video, Kutti made threats toward a Fulton County election worker that is at the heart of the charges against her in Georgia, according to Meidastouch’s report. Newsweek previously reported on Kutti’s threats to ‘f*** up’ the life of a witness related to the Georgia indictment once the case was settled, which appeared to be made toward Fulton County election worker Ruby Freeman,” Newsweek asserted.

Kutti is one of 17 co-defendants being charged alongside Trump with racketeering over challenging election results in 2020 by Fulton County District Attorney Fanni Willis.

She is facing charges for “allegedly traveling from Chicago to Atlanta to meet with Freeman in January 2021. During the exchange between the two women, Kutti pressured Freeman to confess to voter fraud allegations or face further consequences,” according to Newsweek.

Kutti has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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