Netanyahu ASSASSINATION Threat – Video Released…

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been depicted as being assassinated in a twisted animated video released by the Iranian military.

The simulation of Netanyahu’s purported assassination was posted after a senior adviser for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Sayyed Razi Mousavi, was killed by an Israeli airstrike in Syria on Monday.

“Iran’s state television interrupted its regular news broadcast to announce that Mousavi had been killed, describing him as one of the Guards’ oldest advisers in Syria,” Reuters reported. “It said he had been ‘among those accompanying Qassem Soleimani’, the head of the Guards’ elite Quds Force who was killed in a U.S. drone attack in Iraq in 2020.”

The animation of Netanyahu shows the prime minister at the Mossad intelligence agency headquarters in Tel Aviv along with other Israeli officials. They are seen observing intelligence information being displayed on screens in front of them, purportedly about Iranian spies within Israel.

The screen is then evidently hacked before a bomb is seen counting down under Netanyahu’s desk, eventually exploding and, one would assume, killing all in range.

At the end of the video, the words, “Protect yourselves from the friends of Haman” appear in Hebrew, Farsi and Arabic, referring to the character in the Bible who wanted to have the Jews killed.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) reportedly “had no comment on the matter” when Newsweek reached out about the video.

Meanwhile, the IDF has also declined to comment on the airstrike that took out the senior Iranian.

“I won’t comment on foreign reports, these or others in the Middle East,” IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari told reporters at a press conference. “The Israeli military obviously has a job to protect the security interests of Israel.”

“The usurper and savage Zionist regime will pay for this crime,” the Revolutionary Guards reportedly said on state TV in a threat against Israel.

“This act is a sign of the Zionist regime’s frustration and weakness in the region for which it will certainly pay the price,” Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said, according to Iranian media.

Amid all the outcry by pro-Palestinian activists in the wake of the deadly Hamas attack on Israel in October, there is little to no reporting on the animation in the mainstream media. And comments on the social media platform X are mixed, with some slamming the insane video while those who are clearly anti-Israel celebrated the animated clip.

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