New Biden nickname a cut above the rest

President Joe Biden continues to take heavy flak from the pro-Hamas left for not pressuring Israel to show mercy to the terrorists in Gaza and has now been given a new nickname that will surely stick to the geriatric Democrat.

The moniker “Butcher Biden” was trending on social media after he was denounced by Clare Daly, an Irish Member of the European Parliament (MEP) who used it during a fiery speech denouncing the U.S. for its support of the Jewish nation.

“As Israel loses in the court of public opinion, we see desperate attempts to widen the conflict. All with the blessing and material support of the #ButcherBiden, a US President who claims Irish descent. Keep our country out of your mouth @JoeBiden. Your ancestors disown you,” Daly wrote on X, sharing a clip of her anti-Israel diatribe.

“Despite the catastrophic death toll it has inflicted, Israel is losing. On the ground and in the court of public opinion. There is no way that this ends that doesn’t leave Israel a pariah state with occupation and apartheid on borrowed time, and they know it,” she said in a rant that could have come from the mouth of one of the Democrat “Squad” members.

“So they’re doing everything they can. Desperate acts of aggression to provoke a wider conflict with Lebanon, with Iran, with anybody,” the Irish pol continued. “To draw in the U.S. to save them from the consequences of their own actions.”

“And as Yemen shows, Butcher Biden is reporting for duty,” Daly added. “With Europe’s Frau Genocide by his side, they are the ones who have enabled the continuation of Israeli terror. Without them it would already be over.”

“So take notes Butcher Biden. The ancestors of the Ireland that you claim to be from disown you. Keep our country out of your mouth,” she said.

The catchy new moniker was already trending on X and may soon be heard along with “Genocide Joe” at pro-Hamas protests.

While coining her catchy nickname for Biden, Daly neglected to note that the real butchers are the Islamist savages who during their cowardly October 7, 2023 sneak attack on Israeli civilians, slaughtered Jews like animals in their own homes, actually butchering women and children and parading around with the corpses of their victims like trophies.

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