New “EPSTEIN” Billionaire Accused – 30+ Minors Involved!

A billionaire who is being compared to Jeffrey Epstein has been accused by 39 women of sexual exploitation when most of them were underage.

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The youngest alleged victim claimed she was only 11 at the time she was abused.

Canadian billionaire Robert Miller appears to be a recluse who is getting a ton of unwanted attention over the charges.

“There are no more than half a dozen known photos of the Montreal impresario, and for decades, his penchant for privacy has bordered on reclusive. Despite overseeing a company worth $5 billion, he has given few interviews,” the Toronto Sun reported.

“No doubt, the 80-year-old founder of Future Electronics is finding the current spotlight being shone upon his alleged sexual proclivities deeply upsetting,” the news outlet continued.

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Just as with Epstein, dozens of women are now coming forward against Miller and are accusing him of grooming them.

“Miller is the subject of a class-action lawsuit that is seeking in the vicinity of $200 million on behalf of 39 women who claim he sexually exploited them when nearly all were underage. The youngest alleged victim claimed she was only 11 when she started having sex with the mogul,” the Toronto Sun reported.

The woman who was allegedly only 11 years old when she was groomed, claims she was given alcohol and drugs before she was expected to have sex with the billionaire. In exchange, she says she received an envelope full of money and other gifts.

Four more names were added to the lawsuit last week. The stories sound disquietingly similar to one another.

“The billionaire is denying any wrongdoing, and his lawyer told Radio-Canada in March that he is in ill health, suffering from Parkinson’s disease,” the outlet noted concerning the man many are calling the Canadian Jeffrey Epstein.

“Unlike Epstein, sources told the Sun, the girls were allegedly almost exclusively for Miller’s pleasure, whereas Epstein offered his girls to fellow rich men who shared his penchant for young flesh,” the Toronto Sun reported in a separate piece.

Miller was the founder of Future Electronics which came into being in 1968. As home computers became a big thing, the company exploded in value and the Canadian became a billionaire. At one point, the company was reportedly the world’s third-largest electronics distributor.

He has pointedly stayed out of the public eye and has been successful at it until now. The only time he wound up in the headlines was when he and his wife, Margaret Antonier, divorced in 2006. They had been married for 37 years and had two sons.

Miller’s wife was a former radio ad saleswoman who’s now a Florida real estate developer. He accused her of having an illicit affair with a former Fortune CFO named Robert Roop. The mogul also claimed that she stole $10 million from their Sunshine State real estate venture.

His estranged wife dropped multiple bombshells during the divorce proceedings.

“In Florida court records, Antonier’s legal eagles alleged that Miller was responsible for ‘horrible wrongdoings’ and ‘wrongful acts,'” the Tronto Sun wrote.

“Her lawyers charged they split because of ‘activities of Mr. Miller that are so offensive that he has insisted that the [divorce] proceedings [in Montreal] be sealed,'” the outlet added.

Florida courts have sealed the alleged charges as well. Antonier’s legal team called the theft and fraud allegations by her ex-husband “brazen and false.”

Despite the divorce drama, Miller claimed that the split was “amicable.” The fight over his $2 billion fortune seemed anything but that according to the media.

He evidently also has an interest in cryonics.

“From a 2010 QMI story: ‘He reportedly supports the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, an Arizona-based organization which promotes cryonics, the science of freezing bodies — it then stores them in special aluminum containers — with the intent to restore life when technology is available,'” the Toronto Sun wrote.

“An aide told The Wall Street Journal that the billionaire was even creating ‘a revival trust.’ According to QMI, the ‘trust’ is a legal means to keep himself and his piles of dough preserved and frozen until tech becomes available to resurrect him,” the news outlet stated.

Future Electronics was tentatively sold to a Taiwanese company for $5 billion last September. The deal is not expected to be finalized until sometime in 2024.

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