Nikki Haley’s strange election message DECODED

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley raised eyebrows when she said the GOP primary was now a” two-person race” after coming in third in the Iowa caucuses.

And as social media pondered her math skills, and the former United Nations ambassador defended her remarks, another theory was floated about the true meaning behind her words.

Journalist Simon Ateba of Today News Africa posted his thoughts on the incident on X Wednesday, suggesting that Haley’s line “was not about” former President Trump, who handily won the contest in Iowa.

“I would like to tell you something uncomfortable, a bitter truth. Anything else is a lie. Do not be deceived by propagandists, demagogues, and politicians who just align with the wind,” Ateba began.

“She was referring to DeSantis and herself. This is because in the back of everyone’s mind here in DC, Trump is too dangerous to become President again and they won’t let that happen, at all costs! It is war!” Ateba continued.

He went on to note how Trump is seen as an “existential threat” to the nation by the “left, the deep state, and the DC establishment” who “must stop him at all costs,” like using the courts. “If that does not work, they might go further, to the final option. I will refrain from mentioning it here.”

“This is not about trying to understand the MAGA base and asking why do they love him? Is he talking about their concerns? Is paying them the attention they need? Is he filling their needs? and any other question that you ask to win over an electorate,” Ateba continued.

He went on to contend the country is facing three wars: “the media war to win over independents, the legal war to disqualify Trump, and the deep state war to reportedly ‘save’ America from Trump.”

“These wars will happen at the same time and the months ahead will be tumultuous,” Ateba warned.

“Remember, no politician can speak the truth and survive. For thousands of years, the people who have spoken the truth have often been philosophers, poets, and thinkers, people who were not running for any office and did not need the approval of the public,” he wrote.

“This is because the public often rejects the truth when it contradicts their beliefs,” he added, “for they prefer the comfort of illusions over the discomfort of reality.”

Ateba found plenty of support for his post on X:

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