Obama BUSTED – Cell Phone Records Found!

Hunter Biden was allegedly given inside access to the Obama administration and new cell phone records purportedly show that he had a direct line of access to key Obama officials.

The discovery comes as the Biden family denies any serious connection Hunter Biden had with the White House.

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project is reportedly bringing to light emails that seem to contradict President Biden’s claims that there is no connection between himself and Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

Of great concern is the fact that Hunter Biden seems to have had personal contact and influence with no less than 17 Obama officials. Leftists claim that Hunter Biden wanted the phone numbers to call the Democrat officials after his brother’s funeral.

“According to the email reviewed by the Oversight Project, in 2015, then-White House official Alexander Mackler forwarded the personal cell numbers of 17 Obama administration Cabinet secretaries and senior officials to Hunter Biden’s personal email address. Meckler included contact information for high-profile individuals such as then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, and then-U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power,” according to The Daily Signal.

“During this period, Hunter Biden was engaged in foreign business deals with companies like Burisma, which focused on natural gas exploration in Ukraine. The Oversight Project has outstanding Freedom of Information Act requests covering the same matters with multiple federal agencies,” the news outlet noted.

The document disclosing that information was released in 2022 by the nonprofit Marco Polo. Since that time, House Democrats have asserted that information taken from Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell” was not authentic and the president’s son has sued Garrett Ziegler of Marco Polo for exposing the contents.

“Recently, House Democrats have changed tactics by abandoning denial of the laptop’s existence or authenticity in favor of using select laptop documents in their shifting defense of Joe Biden. Last week, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, posted an email from the laptop on X (previously known as Twitter) in a bid to refute claims from House Republicans,” The Daily Signal wrote.

“By doing so, Raskin tacitly acknowledged the laptop’s authenticity. The FBI determined that the laptop had been Hunter Biden’s abandoned property, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley testified. By acknowledging the laptop, Raskin brings some House Democrats to a position closer to multiple mainstream media outlets, which have independently verified the laptop’s contents. House Democrats have also reanimated evidence that directly undercuts the claims of Joe Biden’s defenders, who insist that the then-vice president had been insulated from any of his son’s business dealings,” the conservative news outlet charged.

All of this belies the claim by Hunter Biden’s lawyer who previously said that “unlike members of the Trump family, Hunter is a private person who has never worked in any family business nor ever served in the White House or in any public office.”

The disclosure is another nail in Hunter Biden’s legal coffin. He took money from businesses such as CEFC China Energy that are tied to the Chinese Communist Party and Republicans are claiming that a great deal of that money made its way to Joe Biden himself.

The evidence is continuing to pile up against Hunter Biden and his father as the House’s impeachment inquiry continues. His laptop documents will no doubt be resurrected and play a major part in those proceedings.

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